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Hostess Gifts for the Holidays


Whether you’re headed to a holiday party with co-workers, a White Elephant gift exchange or an Ugly Christmas Sweater rager, bringing a hostess gift shows good party-going form. Instead of turning to the usual hostess gifts for the holidays, like wine, flowers or scented candles, first consider these en vogue alternatives:

Letterpress holiday gifts

[typography font=”Oswald” size=”18″ size_format=”px” color=”#8d8580″]BIG STACK NOTE BARS[/typography]

Our line of Big Stack Note Bars (our fancy way of saying uber-thick & totally awesome note pads) is a fan favorite, particularly this time of year when shopping lists, To-Do lists and Honey-Do lists are in abundance. We have a spectacular “Butterscotch” metallic gold dipped version or you can go with our fun new  “Naughty or Nice” Big Stack with bold red painted edges, offered especially for the holidays.


Hostess gift ideas for

Nate Berkus Gold Scissors












[typography font=”Oswald” size=”18″ size_format=”px” color=”#8d8580″]GOLD SHEARS BY NATE BERKUS[/typography]

These high style Nate Berkus brassy gold tone scissors are a shear genius gift, especially now, with the holiday wrapping madness that is about to begin. And? They’re offered at Target. Win-win.


Ice Kit

Photo Credit: Studio Neat

[typography font=”Oswald” size=”18″ size_format=”px” color=”#8d8580″]NEAT ICE KIT[/typography]

We are in love with this item (family and friends, don’t be surprised if you see this under your tree this year). With this Neat Ice Kit, you can chisel your own giant ice cubes or any custom size cube for that matter.



Journal Hostess Gift

[typography font=”Oswald” size=”18″ size_format=”px” color=”#8d8580″]REFLECTING JOURNAL[/typography]

A gorgeous linen wrapped journal with super soft cotton rag paper is an awesome for gift for any hostess. She can use it for memoirs, recipes or daily planning. Or, put a creative spin on it by scribing “Deep Thoughts” provoking questions on a few of the inside pages, then leave it out at the party for guests to comment. For example: Red or White Wine? or If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Or, What I really want from for Christmas this year is . . . Your hostess will get a kick out of reading through the responses the next morning.


Mixed Metallic Barware

[typography font=”Oswald” size=”18″ size_format=”px” color=”#8d8580″]ORB COPPER SHAKER[/typography]

Metallics are where it’s at this Holiday Season so consider giving the hostess with the mostess one of these uber-cool metallic shot glasses or a  copper martini shaker from Crate and Barrel. All season long she can channel her inner Don Draper and prepare martinis in style.

Celebrating Love in All the Ways It Manifests


Boy In a Fairy Tale

Today we received a letter in the mail that touched our hearts and felt that we must share.  Here at Elum are proud and excited to be a part of this revolution and love to hear from those who share our sentiments and how stationery and letterpress can still touch our hearts.

Gloria writes:

“Dear Clever Team of Elum Designs, Around Valentine’s Day I found a card, Boy in a Fairytale No. GC683. I cried. I don’t usually cry over paper. I love paper. I love stationery and pens, good design and thoughtful ideas. I also love and adore my husband. We have a lovely marriage and are a lovely heterosexual couple. We have gay friends. Our gay friends are getting married in May and finding a card to congratulate them on the engagement has been… difficult. I was going to make something and as I was just resigned to the task I found your card. ‘Once upon a time there was a Boy who fell in love with a Boy and their fairy tale lasted a lifetime.’ I got all misty. 

photo We live in a time where daily I argue that gays, or people who love or are attracted to someone of the same sex, deserve all the same rights and privileges as someone like me. I argue that “tolerance” is not acceptable, that we need to realize and celebrate that love comes in many ways and we are better for it… we shouldn’t just be “tolerant” of love. It is exhausting and often makes me sad that many folks still don’t “get it.” But YOU!!! YOU GET IT!!! You get it and you designed an absolutely lovely card that I was so proud to buy. I felt I was doing my civic duty and
forwarding a cause close to my heart. And really, I just wanted to congratulate Brad and Alejandro on their coming wedding. They
are the sweetest couple and my husband and I so enjoy their friendship. Thank you for your work. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and open hearts. Thank you for making Brad & Alejandro feel just like every other normal engaged couple. Thank you for celebrating love in all the ways it manifests. I plan on being a frequent customer for sure! May your kindness, generosity and good sense inspire more folks.

With a thankful heart, Gloria”

Our hope is that we can bring a little joy and love to everyone. With our new releases, we’d like to show that here at Elum, we celebrate love in all its forms. Its the little things like hand written letters that inspire and motivate us daily.  Handwritten notes are always welcomed and we encourage you to keep this beautiful tradition alive.

The Art of the Written Thank You



Now that school is back in session I am reminded that the life of a parent is busier not just during the week, but all weekend long. The reason? BIRTHDAY PARTIES. The onslaught of invitations to these precious events has prompted me to write this post for a product that is not only near and dear to my heart, but one that I think parents (OK mostly moms) would benefit from immensely. I know I did. This is the story of the creation of “My First Thank You Notes.” These awesome kits are my personal attempt to keep the art of the written thank you note alive!

Growing up I was taught that you always wrote a thank you note for any gift. In fact, I remember not even calling my grandmother to thank her for the twenty bucks, but immediately sitting down to draft her a written thank you note. But Noni was ALWAYS sending us twenty-dollar bills, even on St. Patrick’s Day! So that meant I had to get creative. I remember developing a systematic and foolproof method for thank you note writing. I never actually thought that I would have a use for this until it came time for me to instill the “art of thank you note writing” in my own children, hence preserving the good manners my own mother tried so desperately to grace us with.


uma1So it all started when my daughter, Uma, was in Kindergarten and she was writing thank you notes for her birthday gifts. As any mom these days knows, one is pretty much commanded by politically correct standards to invite every student in the class to the party, so in this case that meant 16 thank you notes. . . all hand written. . . by a five-year old. Needless to say, that took some time, about 2 weeks from what I recall; roughly one per day. It also took some serious effort and determination from both my daughter AND me. My First Thank You NoteI began by drafting a fill-in style version of the thank you note, a cheat sheet so to speak, that my daughter could use. She copied the words on the card and when she got to the line left blank, we filled in the specific name, gift, etc. for each card.

The day that poor kid finished drafting her last thank you note, it sparked a whole plethora of emotions, but mostly pride in my daughter and motivation to make a product that would mean WE NEVER had to go through THAT again.  The next day, I began the conception our My First Thank You Note card kits. I loved the idea for the fill-in note cards only slightly fill in photomore than I loved the idea of doing my part in society to keep the art of the written thank you note alive for future generations!

BELOW ARE MY RULES FOR THANK YOU NOTE WRITING, each of which has been incorporated into these totally awesome modern thank you cards for kids. And even cooler (OK, not a word but just go with it), Uma got to put her own artwork and handwriting on the back of the box.  She thinks she’s famous now. And in my eyes, she’s right.

Most Sincerely,
Melissa Foster



Versailles – utterly romantic letterpress invitation


Inspired by ornate French tapestries and delicate lace from the lavish and romantic Baroque period, this stunning and utterly romantic letterpress invitation suite is updated with a color palette for today’s modern bride. We letterpress printed our Versailles suite in soft pink and deep navy blue inks. This beautiful letterpress wedding invitation suite is also a wonderful choice for shower invitations, Bat Mitzvah invitations or custom letterpress party invitations.

letterpress special finishes

Further enhancing the grandeur and tactile experience, we incorporated an optional Navy suede invitation backer and an Arturo Gatefold enclosure, wrapped with a silken rayon ribbon and sealed with a coordinating favor tag. Visit our website to see more of the Special Finishes we offer as luxurious additions to any letterpress invitation suite.

Scroll down for a peek at the inspiration behind this romantic invitation suite, or for the complete inspiration board visit us on Pinterest.

Inspiration Board_Versailles_w header_blog-01

Sweet Shoppe – love sweet love


Our award winning letterpress invitation suite, Sweet Shoppe, is a candy confectioner’s delight sure to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth! WINNER of the 2013 Louie Awards Wedding Invitation Category and a 2012 How International Design Award, this delectable design is letterpress printed on luxurious 100% repurposed cotton rag paper. Our Sweet Shoppe invitation features highly custom and innovative artwork inspired by vintage candy packaging, old fashioned ice cream parlors, and the explosive trend of including candy at an event reception. With clever wording and delicious design, this invitation is good enough to eat. With a simple change of color, the Sweet Shoppe invitation would also be perfect for Bar Mitzvah invitations, Bat Mitzvah invitations, or for custom party invitations with a playful twist.

Scroll down for a peek at the inspiration behind this cheerful invitation suite, or for the complete inspiration board visit us on Pinterest.

Inspiration Board_Sweet Shoppe_w header_blog-01

Mélange – a fusion of geometry & typography


Our modern Mélange letterpress wedding invitation is a fusion of geometry and typography that creates an impression of depth and perspective through the use of color, transparency and pattern. We letterpress printed this ethereal suite on mega thick 4-Ply Museum Board in 3 ink colors that blend together to create the illusion of a multitude of colors creating an invitation that is both masculine in it’s form and feminine in it’s color wash. Our Mélange trendsetting invitation is a little something different for your stylish event. Style your invitations with our optional Letterpress Invitation Backer and iridescent Platinum Shimmer Sleeve to reveal your invitations in a fashion your guests will truly find memorable. The Mélange invitation would also serve beautifully for Bar Mitzvah invitations, Bat Mitzvah invitations, or for custom party invitations with a minimalist modern flair.

Scroll down for a peek at the inspiration behind this contemporary invitation suite, or for the complete inspiration board visit us on Pinterest.
Letterpress Wedding Invitation

INKWELL – A Fresh Take on Classic Calligraphy


Letterpress calligraphy and bold color compliment each other perfectly in our Inkwell wedding invitation suite. Our Inkwell suite incorporates movement and lightheartedness, perfect for a fun loving, modern couple looking for a current spin on traditional wedding invitations. Inkwell is letterpress printed on mega thick 4-Ply Museum Board in 2 dazzling ink colors (of your choice) and Edge Painted for that little extra “wow” factor. This dynamic & eye-catching wedding invitation exudes excitement with a fresh take on classic handwritten calligraphy. This lively letterpress wedding invitation suite is also perfectly suited for shower invitations, Bat Mitzvah invitations, or custom letterpress party invitations.

Scroll down for a peek at the inspiration behind this unique invitation suite, or for the complete inspiration board visit us on Pinterest.
Letterpress Caligraphy

Darjeeling: Ethereal Beauty


Inspired by intricate mosaic tile murals and tranquil stained glass windows, the whimsical artwork of the Darjeeling wedding invitation suite is an ode to bespoke craftsmanship. Letterpress printed on repurposed 100% cotton rag paper, we chose a calming color palette of pale neutrals to emphasize the soothing disposition. With it’s delicate yet captivating artwork, our Darjeeling invitation suite is the essence of ethereal boho chic. This elegant bohemian letterpress invitation is also wonderfully suited for Bat Mitzvah invitations, shower invitations or custom party invitations for a romantic feel.

Scroll down for a peek at the inspiration behind this unique invitation suite, or for the complete inspiration board visit us on Pinterest.

Darjeeling Bohemian Letterpress Invitation


Billboard – the BIG debut


Not your average wedding invitation, the 2012 How International Merit Award winning Billboard invitation suite is a quirky wedding invitation design that will make a BIG impact (literally). This playful one-of-a-kind design depicts tongue-and-cheek copy, vibrant colors, a plethora of lively typefaces, and dynamic typesetting that is perfect for your unconventional event. The smart, cheeky invitation is playfully oversized (well, “Jumbo” actually), and each collateral piece is equally clever and fun in its own right. Your guests will have a great time discovering and savoring the witticisms unique to each piece! The Billboard invitation suite is also a perfect option for Bar Mitzvah invitations, Bat Mitzvah invitations, or for custom party invitations with a fun and funky vibe.

Scroll down for a peek at the inspiration behind this quirky invitation suite, or for the complete inspiration board visit us on Pinterest.

Inspiration Board_Billboard_w header-01