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2018 Back-to-School Essentials


It’s that time of year. Summer is rolling out her final glorious month while Labor Day looms large on the horizon. Before we know it we’ll be back to school, back to the office and Hello Work Week. Our color palettes are switching from watermelon pink and lemon yellow to burgundy, burnished gold and midnight blue, and our minds are turning to freshly sharpened pencils, crisp notebooks and office supplies. Back to school is the unofficial turning point of the year, gently pirouetting us from the lazy-hazy days of late summer toward the exciting bustle of fall. This is one of our favorite times of year at Elūm so we’ve made a list of our Seven Back-to-School Essentials.

1. Organize your work space with an adorable desk set. We designed an exclusive back to school collection for Anthropologie that includes all your office essentials. Whether it’s color-blocked file folders in swoon-worthy rose red and baby blue, a pistachio daily schedule, or a bounty of geometric paper clips our chic color-contrasting Ledger Collection will help you update and freshen your desk.



2. Let there be light. With nights drawing in we’re turning on our desk lamps earlier in the work day. Oprah’s favorite designer Nate Burkas says lighting, “should be like your favorite Instagram filter: Warm, flattering, and prepared to make you feel more confident than ever!” We couldn’t agree more which is why we love Brightech’s Circle Lamp. It’s form meets function personified, a radiant work of art that will illuminate you and your workspace like a personal spotlight.

3. Sharpen your pencil collection. Who doesn’t love a freshly sharpened brand new pencil? It’s an invitation to write, sketch and compose. Palomino’s Blackwing 602 is an icon. Hollywood Reporter calls it, “without question among the most fetishized writing instruments of all time.” Crafted from incense cedar, lacquer-coated and containing the world’s finest Japanese graphite, we can’t get enough of these sexy little black numbers. Legend has it that Steinbeck wrote the Grapes of Wrath and John Williams composed the theme to Star Wars with Blackwing 602s. We can’t think of a more inspiring pencil to have on hand when inspiration strikes.


4. Prettify your paper supplies. Where would our Blackwing be without a fresh sheet of paper? Malcolm Gladwell says, “The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.” Reimagine your world with our exclusive Moderne Desk Collection for Papyrus. Using a dreamy palette of blush, celadon, gold and midnight blue, we have designed and curated a luxe Art Deco-inspired collection of notepads, sketchpads, planners and stickies. We’ve even included a decadently feminine clipboard just in case you need to take your questions and paperwork outside the office.



5. Fanny packs have undergone a makeover and emerged as the “It Bag” of the season. Adorable and practical, belt bags can instantly update your wardrobe, turning a simple T-shirt and jeans into Parisienne street style chic. We love this Rebecca Minkoff bag in our favorite shade of vintage pink (it matches our Moderne Desk Collection) and this one by See by Chloe in glossy midnight blue.


6. Grab a good book. Back to school means back-to-busy: full work days, classes, study, after hours work and school events. Don’t forget to take some “Me Time” every day. Grab a chai latte and a good book and treat yourself to an instant break. You’ll function better because of it. We love indie legend Parker Posey’s You’re on an Airplane: A Self-Mythologizing Memoir for its fly on-the-wall insider take on the movie industry and Ms Parker’s smart and funny prose. And we can’t wait to read The Court Dancer by Kyung-Sook Shin which tells the story of an orphan whose talent for dancing takes her from the Korean Josean court where she dances for the Emperor to Belle Epoque Paris. That’s one historical journey we’re dying to take.


7. Make a list, check it twice. Back to school means multi-tasking and multi-scheduling. Keep on top of everything with our Luna Collection. Gold-foil stamped on our letterpress machines dating back from the 1950s, in colors of burgundy, deep blue and barely blush, our Luna notecards, journals, schedules  and tasseled pencil pouch turn making lists into an art form. Transform your daily tasks into treasured rituals by using our beautiful and luxurious hand-finished collection. The Lunas also make the perfect gift, and in this hectic back to school season that’s one less “To Do” on your list.


How To Write A Love Letter


Can you think of anything more romantic than a love letter? The handwritten envelope sealed by the touch of your cherished one’s tongue, the tenderly-folded paper, the opening words: My darling Jen, I need to tell you how much I adore you. We can only think of one thing more swoon-worthy here at Elūm than receiving written proof of our loved one’s adoration, and that’s sending a love letter ourselves. When we write a love letter we immortalize our feeling for our partners, sweeties, main-squeezes and spouses. We demonstrate and celebrate our love in the time-honored romantic ritual of setting pen to paper. But where do we begin? What paper to choose? What words to use? How to start and how to finish? Love letters can be thoughtful, spontaneous, starry-eyed, jaw-droppingly passionate, tender and sweet. Yet how do we create these romantic works of art? At Elūm we believe that writing a love letter should be as wonderful an experience as receiving one that’s why we’ve put together our six passionate pointers for creating the perfect love letter.

1. Pick a canvas worthy of your words. By writing a love letter you’re creating a unique and moving keepsake that will be treasured by your loved one for years, even decades. Pages torn from a ruled spiral notepad have many wonderful uses, but will not create the same sense of significance as a beautiful foil-stamped cotton rag note or a page of plush artist sketch paper, lifted from your personal journal. As the English poet John Keats said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Create a gift of tangible lasting beauty with your choice of pen and paper.

2. Send your love letter by mail—even if you see your loved one every day and share the same apartment or house. By writing a love letter you’re creating an experience for the recipient. The delightful surprise and sense of intrigue created by receiving a hand-addressed envelope through the mail adds to the magic. Choose a pretty stamp, mist the envelope with your favorite cologne, and write your name and return address on the back (so your loved one has to turn over the envelope to discover who sent it). Give them the full experience.

3. Draft your love letter before setting pen to paper. Use whatever medium works for you—laptop, mobile, pencil and notepad—and plan what you want to say. Leave it, come back to it. Experiment. Use your draft to hone in on the most important thing you want your loved one to know. Maybe you want to tell him or her that your life changed the day you met them, that when you hear their car pull into the driveway your heart beats a little faster, or that sometimes you lie still in the morning just to watch them sleep.

Planning what you say beforehand will cut down strikethroughs on the finished page. A love letter doesn’t have to be perfect—a sprinkling of errors are endearing and charming—but too many will distract the reader from your purpose.

4. Begin your letter with a familiar and tender term of endearment. If you call your loved one Babycake/Honey/Hubs/Sweetie/Love Muffin now is the time to use that pet name. Simply drop it into the classic love letter opener, “My Darling ________” or “My Dearest________”. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo began loves letters to her husband and fellow artist Diego Rivera with three simple words, “Diego, my love,” and the French emperor Napoleon began letters to his new wife with “My one and only Josephine”.

While your greeting sets the tone of the letter, your closing should end it with a promise. The line above your signature is the place to tell your loved one you will cherish them forever, as the composer Beethoven did to the woman known only as Immortal Beloved, “Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever ours,” and Jimi Hendrix pledged to his girlfriend, “Love to you forever, Jimi”.

5. Date your letter. You’re creating a tangible and lasting gift, a letter to be kept, treasured and reread. In ten years time, when your loved one reaches for the box at the back of the closet, finds your letter inside and pauses to read it, you want him to know the exact date you set down the words. Knowing the date will help transport him back in time to the moment he received it.

6. Finally, write like yourself so when your loved one reads your letter he or she can imagine you saying the words. Your voice and turn of phrase are uniquely beautiful. Remain true to yourself and write exactly how feel. If you love his goofy dancing, the way he holds the door open for strangers, or how he makes you laugh, tell him. If the way she cares for your family sometimes brings tears to your eyes, let her know. At Elūm we believe a love letter should always be a message straight from your heart.

Now it’s your turn. Head to our website to find the perfect canvas for you to spill your heart out.


Unicorns Unlimited


Hello! We are Elūm and we have a problem. We’re obsessed with unicorns. We can’t stop thinking about them and adorning our paper goods with them. “They’re fun,” declares Haley, one of our senior designer. “They’re a symbol of joy, hope and boundless magic. It’s no wonder they have spread into things that are usually mundane. Why not add a dash of magic to dyeing your hair, bringing a reusable bag to the grocery store, or even your morning toast?” Today we’re celebrating our U-love by hosting an Elūm roundtable devoted to our favorite mystical beast.

The first thing we agree upon is that we believe in unicorns on roller skates, and will be first in line to buy tickets to Unicorns On Broadway if Andrew Lloyd Webber ever decides to create the show. Our designer Ali says, “Unicorns represent the magic of childhood and the belief that anything is possible! They bring us back to simpler times of playing with My Little Ponies, collecting Lisa Frank binders, and making your dad pause the VCR on Tom Cruise’s Legend so you could see a real unicorn.” When we hear that Ridley Scott, the director of Legend, used “Unicorns represent the magic of childhood and the belief that anything is possible.” a recording of humpback whales to create the sound of unicorns at play it makes us love his movie, unicorns and whales even more.

Shannon, another one of our senior designers, asks the question, “Why be a pony when you can be a unicorn? Unicorns remind us to be our own unique selves, and that which makes us different makes us powerful.” At Elūm we believe there is nothing in the world quite like unicorns and nothing quite like you. That’s why we come to work each morning. Rhinos and narwhals are the only other mammals on the planet who have a central single horn like unicorns (the narwhal’s amazing spiral horn is actually a protruding canine tooth), and we celebrate their adorable uniqueness too.

Our designer Olga believes, “Unicorns are both symbols of childish innocence devoid of any additional subtext, as well as an ironical and witty representation of all things weird and impossible in our daily lives.” The collective noun for unicorns is a blessing of unicorns, and that’s what we believe unicorns bring to the party: pure sparkly fun. In mythology they are symbols of purity, and legend has it they can only be captured under a full moon by a virgin. We’re not sure anyone at Elūm will be capturing a unicorn any time soon, but whenever there’s a full moon we’re going to look!

“The Unicorn is a Feminist symbol,” Shannon reminds us. “They are ‘girly’ but also super strong. You may be distracted by their rainbow tails, but they have magic powers “Why be a pony when you can be a unicorn?” and a weapon on their head and don’t you forget it!” After we stop cheering, we learn a unicorn’s horn is known as an alicorn and has the power to purify water and neutralize poison. Unicorns are traditionally slow to fight, preferring to settle differences peacefully, but if you ever come between Baby U and Momma U, be prepared to deal with Momma U’s horn charging toward you at full speed. Imaginary or not, that’s gonna hurt.

After some discussion we agree we’re not even sure if unicorns have a gender, and love and support the fact they have become symbols of the transgender and genderfluid communities. Go purple unicorns!

“Unicorns remind us not to take things too seriously,” says Haley. “I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want a break from being an adult?” Lake Superior State University understands this and issues a delightfully whimsical hunting license for unicorns. Their hunting regulations include permissible times of day for questing. “Unicorns may be taken during daylight and dark except for those hours when the Tooth Fairy is about. She was once frightened by a grumpy unicorn and in deference to her attitude we make the exception.”

Olga says unicorns, “are a flashback from our childhood when every day felt magical and adventure-filled and anything was possible.” We nod our heads and agree we’re “Unicorns remind us not to take things too seriously. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want a break from being an adult?” getting closer to the heart of the unicorn’s enduring power. Shannon adds, “When everything is awful, unicorns remain fun and sparkly. They remind us of better days, waaay back before we knew about global warming and human rights violations.” Unicorns are part of our collective childhood. They not only represent our innocence, but also the innocence of the entire world. Existing in a land of rainbows, waterfalls and serene green hills, they reflect our most simple and noble dreams as humans. Beauty, peace and love for all.

We take a moment to sigh and finish our unicorn smoothies and then head back to our desks. Blank paper awaits, and we’re itching to start important unicorn work.


Elūm’s Guide to Empowering Women & Girls


This week we invited our local Gutsy Girl Club for a visit. At Elūm we believe in empowering women and raising fierce and fearless girls, and we wanted to show these amazing young women-in-the-making what we do here. The girls spent a delightful day printing posters, learning how our letterpress machines works and visiting with our staff. We hoped to inspire them by showing how a career in the creative arts can be fun, collaborative and rewarding. Turns out they inspired us with their confidence, curiosity and smarts. The Gutsty Girls reminded us to celebrate and champion ourselves as women. And with that, we have created our manifesto for women and girls.

Every woman has the right to decide how she lives her own life. At Elūm we believe you can be a pilot and a president, a mom and a mechanical engineer, a surgeon and a chef, an exotic dancer and a wrangler of exotic birds. Multifaceted and multi-talented is the new normal. Girl power is about expanding our choices as women, not taking any away.

My success as a woman does not lesson your chance of success. We are no longer competing for a single seat at the table. We’re claiming the entire table, executive chairs and all. The more we empower other women, the more we empower ourselves. Success is not a limited commodity. It is not a competition. Success generates more success. Celebrate fellow women’s achievements and let them celebrate yours. When you succeed we all succeed.

Prioritize yourself. As women we are taught to look after everyone, ensuring everyone’s emotional and physical needs are met before we consider our own needs. Recognize that if you want to achieve your goals and dreams, there will be times you need to put yourself first. Don’t apologize for them. Looking after yourself is a necessity not a luxury.

Own your opinions. Your thoughts and ideas have value. You are entitled to have an opinion. Speak out. Speak boldly. Think for yourself. Argue with clarity and assurance. Learn to respectfully disagree without apologizing for your knowledge and passion. Your beliefs and experiences as a woman are valid and valuable, and you connect with and empower other women by sharing them.

We are fantastic female machines. We have ovaries and wombs capable of creating life. We have 11% more neurons in areas of the brain dedicated to language and hearing than men. We have better night vision, better visual memory and perceive colors more vividly. We are more highly educated and live longer. Women are emotional, intellectual and physical powerhouses. We take care of the world.

Expand your possibilities. Exceed expectations. Expect recognition and rewards for great work, and if you don’t receive them, demand them. Demand the job, demand equal pay. Partner with other women to create opportunities. Hustle. Mentor a future boss girl. Be a force in your community. Celebrate and empower your girlfriends. Start a business and show the world how it’s done.

Respect your body. Nurture, exercise and rest it. Feed it lots of fruit, vegetables, complex carbs and lean protein. Treat yourself well. Set boundaries and clearly communicate them: No one is allowed to touch your body without your permission. Comments about your weight have no validity unless they come directly from a medical professional. And no one gets to decide how you dress and style your hair and makeup, only you.

Mistakes teach us success. Making them means we’re learning, growing and living. In her inspiring commencement address to the Barnard College class of 2018, US Soccer superhero Abby Wambach tells us, “Failure is the highest octane fuel your life can run on. You gotta learn to make failure your fuel.Learn to fail like a man. Think of failure as an opportunity to start fresh with new insight into what it takes to succeed.

Elūm is a company of fierce and creative boss girls. We celebrate our strength and the strength of women around the world. At Elūm we believe every woman has a voice. We support and empower women, and believe every woman has the right to create beauty, success, family, community and love in her life.

No is the most powerful word in the English language. Learn how to say it. Don’t feel guilty for using it when friends, family or coworkers ask too much of your time and resources. If anyone tries to persuade you to change your mind, remember “No” is not the beginning of a negotiation. It is the end. No does not require an explanation or apology. Saying no with grace and authority is a woman’s secret weapon: it demonstrates her self respect.

Take the lead. You don’t need someone to give you the lead. You don’t even need to have the lead. Lead from where you are. Lead from your desk, in meetings, over the phone, in your car and in your home. Leaders take responsibility. They motivate, coordinate, and help others succeed. They get the job done. Women do not need titles to lead. Communicating clearly, inspiring trust, sharing our vision and taking action: we’ve been doing that all along.


Fall Look Book: Autumn Wanderlust Earth Tones


Only people enamored with Fall will understand the pure joy that comes when the leaves start to change colors. Our second Fall Look Book is “Autumn Wanderlust Earthtones” inspired by the naturally vibrant colors you can only get a glimpse of these few magical months of the year. Let Elum be your personal stylist and show you how to effortlessly incorporate your stationery as a reflection of your personal style and a chic accessory. You can see links for all our inspiration below the image.

Elum Fall Look Book: Autumn Wanderlust Earth Tones

Pictured Above (left to right, top to bottom)

1.) Sole Society Ferris Block Heel Sandal Booties 2.) Butterscotch Big Stack from Elum 3.) Munari Earrings from Anthropologie 4.) Mason Vegan Travel Satchel from Sole Society 5.) All Mine Rusty Rose Floral Print Dress from 6.) Pocket Notes Mini Travel Journals from Elum 7.) Observer’s Field Guide from Elum 8.) Oversized Paper Clips 9.) Inspirational Office from Bloomingville 10.) Photoshoot from Anza Borrego super bloom from  11.) Stiff Rimmed Felt Fedora from GiGi Pip 12.) Rose Gold Ruler Journal from Elum


Be sure to check back to see all our Cashmere and Rose Fall lookbook or get more Earthtone inspiration in our Earthtones Pinterest Board.

Color Crush: Millennial Pink


Close your eyes and imagine your very favorite shade of blushy, peachy, coraly pink. (Now open your eyes so you can read the rest of this article.) Chances are whatever you imagined falls under the newly coined shade “millennial pink.” These pinks are usually light blush, coral, peach or rosy and you’ve probably seen them taking over your Instagram and Pinterest feeds. The origin of the shades currently popularity is sometimes attributed to the Wes Anderson movie The Grand Budapest Hotel

Color Crush: Millennial PinkRegardless of origin, it’s one of our very favorite current color trends. We recently curated a line of product we lovingly call “Cashmere and Rosé” which is a mix of millennial pinks, dark greys, and warm rose gold. You can see our Look Book for the Cashmere and Rosé Collection here or you can shop the collection at In the meantime, if you absolutely cannot get enough of millennial pink in your life check out our color crush tribute to the years trendiest color below. You can see sources for the images at the bottom of this article.

Color Crush: Millennial Pink1.) Make these adorable baked almond breeze donuts from
2.) Dress your desk in our favorite new hue with this Watercolor Desk Set from Elum.
3.) Turn every day into a celebration with Pop Fizz Clink Mini Pencils by Inkling Paperie.
4.) The unofficial scent of our new favorite hue is this Macaon Rose Candle from Gourmand available exclusively at Urban Outfitters.
5.) We’re in love with this simple Scandinavian design wall clock (and absolutely everything else) from
6.) Jam out in style with this sweet pink Crosley Record Player from Urban Outfitters.
7.) Get help with your side hustle with this Hustle Hard Pouch in Pink from Elum.
8.) This photo absolutely makes us want to get a roll of bubble tape and have a bubble blowing competition in our office. See this and more playful lifestyle photography from the amazing Meredith Jenkins.
9.) Spotted on Pinterest: Shades of millennial pink Pantones.
10.) Light up your life with this Dome Shade from Ferm Living.
11.) Swooning over this inspirational bedroom as seen on
12.) Celebrate all of life’s little victories with letterpress Champagne Mini Notes.
13.) Enjoy Life Eat Cake Neon Sign at Cake Money on Beverly in LA, image, and prints available from
14.) We’re firm believers that most everything in life would be more enjoyable covered in googly eyes., like this adorable snap we snagged from Pinterest. 
15.) Make your besties day with this Pretty Little Thing letterpress card.
16.) Stash your favorite stationery in this fashion-forward Miro Cross Body Bag from

Fall Look Book: Cashmere and Rosé


People love Fall for so many reasons: the leaves turn colors, pumpkin spice is back, there’s finally a reprieve from the heat. Those are all great reasons to love the season but our very favorite thing about Fall is hands-down new Fall fashion. This year we’ve curated our three favorite looks for autumn and how to incorporate stationery as a chic personal accessory.

First up, a look we’re lovingly calling Cashmere and Rosé. This Fall trend is a perfect balance of deep gray, on-trend millennial pink and shiny rose gold. The deep gray and rose gold create a textural depth and the hint of the warmth you crave from Fall trends while the millennial pink is an unexpected and playful pop of color. Check out our lookbook mood board below to get inspired by this fashion-forward trend. (You can see all the image credit and links below the image).

Elum Fall Look Book: Cashmere and Rose

Pictured Above (left to right, top to bottom)

1.) Ted Baker Pink Quartz Premium Bal Point Pen, 2.) Elum Rose Gold & Clear Push Pins, 3.) WandP Design, Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker, Copper (image from Urban Outfitters), 4.) Cluse La Boheme Rose Gold / White / Pink Watch, 5.) Elum Rose Gold Binder Clips, 6.) Sunglasses Collection, 7.) Las Salinas Suede Clutch – Ibiza Sunset, 8.) Champagne Mini Notes, 9.) Salty Blue Jewelry Rose Gold Verticle Bar Necklace, 10.) Pink Sunglasses, 11.) Beautiful Things Pouch, 12.) John Lewis Rose Gold Tidy Desk, 13.) Mirror (Photo by Brevity), 14.) Dot Grid Clutch, 15.) Cotton Candy Big Stack Notepad, 16.) Pink Adidas Shoes (Photo by Andy Csinger)


Be sure to check back to see all our other Fall lookbooks or get more Millennial Pink inspiration in our “Color Crush” blog post.

Do you have a favorite item that would fit into our fall trend? Tell us about it in the comments below!

6 Must-Haves For Your Summer Stationery Travel Kit


Here at Elum we know summer is all about being on the go. You’ve got to make the most of the few fleeting months of good weather, right? Whether you’re at a BBQ, sipping a poolside drink or jet setting around the world, the fast pace of summer can be a lot to keep up with. That’s why we’ve curated a stationery travel kit—to make sure you never miss a beat all summer long. Stay organized, capture your brilliant thoughts and never forget a birthday, wedding or thank you along the way.

Here’s what we’ll have packed in our stationery travel kit this summer.


Elum Monstera Leaves Spiral Journal | Summer Stationery Travel Kit

There’s a better way to capture your memories than with a selfie stick (seriously, put it down). Take a little time each day to recap your summer adventures in a journal. It’s a great way to unwind at the end of a fun-filled day or pass the time while you’re catching some poolside sun. If you’re having trouble choosing just one method of keeping memories, a travel journal can also double as a sketch book, a scrapbook, a place to house a collection like pressed flowers or to write down the recipes for all your favorite summer cocktails.



Elum Flamenco Flamingo Washi Tape Set | Summer Stationery Travel Kit

Washi tape is the perfect complement to your travel journal. It can attach maps, ticket stubs or Polaroids to accompany your brilliant thoughts. It’s also great for gifting. Use it to attach gift tag, dress up plain wrapping paper or as a colorful replacement to ribbon on gift wrap. It’s the perfect way to dress up a card’s envelope. You can even use it to make an easy DIY book mark, personalize your phone cord (so none of your friends or family accidentally walk away with it) or use it for party decorations.



Elum Lightbulb Magnetic List Pad | Summer Stationery Travel Kit

Summer always seems to fly by so it’s easy to see how things fall through the cracks. Stay uber organized all summer long with a handy list pad. Make a grocery list for your upcoming party and create a checklist for your suitcase so you don’t leave your toothbrush behind (again). It’s also really convenient if you need to leave instructions for your dog sitter, a friendly note to someone parked poorly at a festival (I mean, come on! Finding parking is hard enough and now you’re going to take up TWO spaces?) or maybe even to leave your number for that cute bartender, hey you never know!



Elum Je T'aime Letterpress Mini Notes

Be ready for whatever occasions summer has in store with a set of assorted mini notes. They may be small but they’ll leave a big impression. Say thanks to the host of a BBQ, leave one for a friend who needs some motivation and have a back up plan for forgetting your Aunt Lisa’s birthday. These little letterpress dreamboats are pint-sized and perfectly portable.



Elum 'Ello Letterpress Box Notes

Rediscover the art of the hand-written note. A more meaningful way of staying in touch than sending a Facebook message. The recipient is sure to get the warm-and-fuzzies when they realize you took the time to pen a hand-written letter. You can start correspondence with a new pen pal and look forward to getting something other than bills in your mailbox. They’re also a luxe alternative to a post card on your travels.



Elum Summer of Stationery Jet Setter Collection

Maybe the most important part of our stationery travel kit is a dependable writing apparatus. Without a pen or pencil you won’t be able to write down your brilliant thoughts, sign your name on a greeting cards or compose a hand-written message.

Want to win one of our Summer of Stationery Travel Kits? Head to Elum’s Instagram and keep an eye out for details.

Is there anything else you think would be super useful in a stationery travel kit? Tell us about it in the comments below!


22 Great Travel Gift Ideas for Every Type of Adventurer


The key to the perfect travel gift is finding something that reflects the recipients unique travel style. Luckily, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide of travel gift ideas for the adventurous spirit in your life. Whether they’re jetting off to foreign lands in search of a new adventure or simply pitching a tent and gazing at the stars, we’ve found something for every type of traveler.

Travel Gift Ideas for Jet Setters

If you need to find the perfect gift for someone who always has their luggage packed just in case they need to jet off on an impromptu adventure, these are just what you’ve been scouring the globe for. Great for anyone who prefers to keep their head in the clouds but never their feet on the ground.

Travel Gift Ideas

A.) Cork Globe from CB2 pinpoints all their past travels and gives them something to look forward to coming home to.

B.) Kate Spade His and Hers Luggage Tags from Papyrus are the perfect wedding or engagement gift for your favorite traveling dynamic duo.

C.) Travel Candles from World Market allows them to take the scent of home on the road with them.

D.) World Map Necklace from Modcloth perfectly embodies the spirit of an aspiring world traveler.

E.) Minute Message Box Notes by Elum are small enough to keep in their carry-on bag so they can send you a quick update from wherever in the world they may be.

F.) Astonishing Erasers by Elum can’t erase travel woes but can keep all their travel correspondence mistake free.

G.) Carpe Diem Passport Holder from Anthropologie keeps their passport protected so they can always seize the day.

H.) Airplane Bloody Mary Kit from Urban Outfitters makes any hour happy hour.

Travel Gift Ideas for Campers

For anyone who’s favorite pair of shoes are hiking boots and who’s more comfortable in a sleeping bag than in a hotel room. Great gifts for someone who loves the smell of campfire in their hair and is happiest as a camper.

Travel Gift Ideas

A.) Adventure Together Letterpress Card by Elum, for your favorite camp-mate.

B.) Campfire Candle from allows them to bring the scent of a campfire home.

C.)  Stay Sharp 10 oz. Flask by Best Made Co., because no camping trip is complete without story telling around a campfire with good people and a flask of your favorite spirits.

D.)  Camp Vibes Enamel Mug by Poler, for maximum coffee enjoyment outside a tent or at an office desk.

E.) Observer’s Field Guide by Elum is covered in real cork with alternating lined and sketch pages for all of their natural observations (or to help bring that outdoor feeling to their desk all week long)

F.) Happy Camper Pennant from Strawberry Moth, so they can let their camp-flag fly.

G.) Soapsquatch by Leeloo Soap, so they can finally know what it would be like to be held in the sweet embrace of Sasquatch.

Travel Gift Ideas for Star Gazers

Know someone who always has their eyes to the stars? Keep them there with any of these stellar gift ideas, perfect for the amateur astronomer in your life.

Travel Gift Ideas

A.) 3-Pack Constellation Notebooks by Elum, for documenting all of their astrological findings.

B.)  Planisphere Watch from Uncommon Goods, for stargazing in style.

C.) Constellation Mug from Amazon, to house the coffee that will keep them awake late enough to find constellations.

D.)  Zodiac Embroidery Hoop from howcouldyouclothing, for those who are looking for more meaning in the stars.

E.) Star Map Book Bound Journal by Elum, for mapping the stars and their thoughts.

F.) Space Case by Realm, for anyone who’s ever wanted a pocket full of stars, this is probably the next best thing.

G.) Space Map Art Print by Capricorn Press, for star-gazing on a cloudy night.

G.) I Need Some Space Bar Soap by Leeloo Soap because it’s out of this world.


Have any other great gift ideas for travelers? As an adventurer, what’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten? Tell us about it in the comments below!