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Elūm Valentine


We are hopeful romantics here at Elūm. We believe in red roses, tender kisses, long or short engagements, shared dreams, shared lives and true love. We’d like to hold a big Greek wedding where everyone gets to catch the bouquet. We believe that everyone, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation deserves to be loved and treasured and that with the right person, every day can be Valentine’s Day. It’s in the small everyday acts—cooking dinner, exchanging texts, a hand on the small of our backs as we walk through a door—that true love truly shines. Valentine’s Day allows us to shout at the top of our voices “You are my one and only!” We’re down with that. And lucky for you we are professional celebrationistas (totally a word, right?) who are here to help you slay it on the big day. Read on to discover our Valentine’s dreams.

Our offices in San Diego are an hour’s drive from the World’s Avocado Capital in Fallbrook California so you know we’re going to combine our love of avocados with our love of Valentine’s. Our Truly Avo Half Card is wholly guacamole and packed with heart-healthy nutrients. Now if we could just get a side of toast!

Is there anything more romantic than camping under the stars? A camper van, a campfire, a soft blanket and you. We’ll lie side by side, holding hands, watching the Milky Way. If we’re lucky we’ll see a shooting star and make a wish. Our wish would be to stay forever in this moment with you. We created Our Binge Watching Stars Card to capture all the infinite possibilities of a night sky and two people in love.


You don’t have to be a unicorn to be magical. Hedgehogs manage it without rainbows or spirally horns. Hedgehogs are so extra they even have their own cafe. It’s in Tokyo which is a long way to travel for Valentine’s. However we thought we’d create our very own hedgehog hug right here at home. And here’s how we know hedgehogs are magical: When they blow bubbles they turn into hearts. #HedgeHearts


If your partner believes the most awesome sauce is soy sauce, that rice was made to be sticky and life has no meaning without wasabi, then our Sushi Cuddles Card is for you. Reserve a table at his or her favorite sushi place this Valentine’s, grab an Uber, don’t tell your love where you’re headed, and then hand them this card halfway. Sushi surprise! That’s how we roll in California. #CaliforniaRoll

We like to think of our Valentine Kits as slam dunks. They are everything you need to spread the love far and wide this Valentine’s. With twenty-four cards in each kit and twenty-four adorable favors, you can send a Hundo P cuteness to teachers, coworkers, family members and just about anyone who catches your fancy.  Our kits come in Football, Space, Wildlife and other fun and delightful themes. You can pick them up at your local TjMaxx, Marshalls or HomeGoods. #ValentineInABox

Warning: Receipt of this card does not guarantee its sender will actually be wearing fancy undies. She reserves the right to switch them out for granny pants without notice.

Now we’ve got the legals out of the way, let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day extends all the way to Valentine’s Night. #OohLaLa

We celebrate Gay pride, facial hair and love here at Elūm! We are pro ‘tache. And will defend your right to sport a ‘tache even when you’re drinking a foamy mug of beer (though we may hand you a napkin when you’re done!). We believe in inclusion and fusion and everything that brings us closer together not farther apart. And we proudly design, create and print cards that celebrate all the milestones of same sex love.

Is your honey glued to her phone? Is your bae beside himself when the wifi’s down? If so you may need a Valentine’s card that speaks their language. It’s a special language, first spoken by engineers in Sweden. It’s called Bluetooth. You may have heard of it. This year we’ve created a card that translates Bluetooth into the universal language of love. #TakeThatShakespeare

Okay, we admit it. We’re artists and designers, not writers. We get blushy and tongue-tied when it comes to love. Barry White helps. He wrote the romance playbook: Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Baby, Just The Way You Are, You’re My First, My Last, My Everything. If you’re like us, however, and have something to tell your loved one but can’t seem to find the right words to say it, our No Words Valentine can help. Because sometimes love is as infinite as the stars and to write it down is to lessen it. #BigLoveNoWords

I told you we’re romantics! How do you plan on showing your love this Valentine’s?

Hashtag 2020


We’re excited here at Elūm. It’s a new year and a new decade, one with the best possible name: 2020! Yep, we have officially entered the Soaring Twenties! Will we have flying cars, teleportation and a lip gloss that actually stays on all day? We don’t think so, but we’re psyched anyway! A new year is a chance for a new beginning, and we believe we can all take small steps to make the world a better place and become our best selves. Now that the New Year’s confetti has been swept away and the Champagne bottles are in the recycling, we’re ready for our New Year’s Revolution. Read on to see how we’re hash-tagging the new decade.

1. #RevolutionNotResolutions

Photo by Catherine Jones on Istock via Getty Images

We are not going to beat ourselves up about breaking our New Year’s resolutions. Missed a workout? Got the old fashioned glazed donut instead of the Egg Bites at Starbucks? Blew your budget on a pair of bougie over-the-knee boots in the January sales? Don’t worry you’re in good company. Over a third of us break our New Year’s resolutions before the end of January and only 10% of us manage to keep our resolutions for an entire year. So let’s start by making 2020 the year we say no unrealistic goals.

2. #KindnessRocks

Photo By Kevin Butz on Unsplash

Kindness matters. We’re pledging to be kinder this year than we were last year. We’re giving up our seats on public transport so someone else can take the weight off for a while. We’re returning our grocery carts to the return receptacle—even when it’s raining. We’re going to actively look for ways to help those around us in the office, at school and at home. We believe small acts of kindness accumulate to make a kinder world. #KindnessRocks

3. #EarthDadsAreExtra

Photo by Lacey Williams on Unsplash

3. We’re going to cherish and sustain our beautiful blue planet. Every day we’re going to be mindful of our choices and the footprints they leave on the earth. We’re going to be recyclers and regifters, and water-wise, plant positive, tree-planting fools! And we pledge to think of our fathers every time we switch off a light or close a door when we leave a room. “No, we weren’t born in a barn, Dad!”

4. #LearnSomethingNew

Photo by NESA by Makers on Unsplash

4. We’re going to learn something new this year. Calligraphy, guitar lessons, line dancing, coding, sign language: when 2020 ends we pledge to have something new to offer the world. We may not be plucking the guitar strings like Eric Clapton by year’s end, but if we can sign “Hello”, “How are you?” and “Thank you” in American Sign Language we can at least start a conversation. #LearnSomethingNew

5. #WomenHelpingWomen

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

5. We’re embracing the mantra, “If one woman succeeds all women succeed.” We believe in women helping women at elūm. We walk the walk every day. This year we’ll be seizing every opportunity we can to encourage, support and elevate the women in our lives. In our workplace, our social circles and the charities we engage with we’ll be actively looking for ways to lend women a hand at home and around the world.

6. #StrongForThoseWeLove

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

6. We’re going to take time for self care. We’re mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, artists, designers, soccer moms, head cooks and bottle washers. We have a lot on our plates and our natural inclination is to care for others at our own expense. In 2020 we pledge to carve out a couple of hours each week to care for ourselves. Arrange a mammogram, a massage, make it an early night, read a book and recharge. In 2020 we’re going to remind ourselves that in order to be strong for the people we love we need to be strong for ourselves first.

7. #SingleTasking

Photo by Djim Loic on Unsplash

7. Be present. Our lives are increasingly crazy and our attention is pulled a dozen ways. Our phones are pinging, our laptops are dinging, our To Do Lists are off the charts, and that report needs to be turned in by Friday. We tell ourselves we’re multitasking, but numerous studies have demonstrated that what we’re actually doing is hopping from task-to-task. A moment here, a few second there. Our attention is divided, and our focus and our passion is diminished. How can we give our full attention to the project we’re working on or the person we’re with while we’re checking facebook for updates? This year we’re pledging to spend less time being in two places at once and more time being in the moment.

8. #SoaringTwenties

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

8. Recognize joy, embrace joy, bring it! We pledge to dance like no one’s watching in 2020, to buy waterproof mascara ‘cos we know we’re going to ugly cry, share smiles with the baristas who make our lattes every morning, laugh with our aunties about the good old days, swap dumb jokes with our nieces and nephews, bake cakes with sprinkles, sing in the shower and send cards to folk just because we can! We’ll stand ready to light up the room but will be just as happy when someone else lights it up instead. Because one way or another 2020 is going to be lit!

These are our hashtags for the new millennium. What are yours?

The Gingerbread Village Guide


– a little inspiration –

Our very own Melissa Foster is chairing a Gingerbread Village Holiday event! During the event kids come to create a “gingerbread” village for donation to a local Senior Center. This year, there will be about 100 children! This inspiration board serves to encourage the kids to try and think beyond candy canes & gumdrops. In addition, they won’t even be using gingerbread! You can also check out this Pinterest board for more decorating inspo! The structures will be made of things like Amazon boxes, cracker boxes, milk cartons and other recyclables.

This is a photo of the milk carton Melissa and her daughter used to make a tall house while testing the GGB frosting glue recipe. They had so much fun poking through the pantry to see what they could use. And to top it off, they bought NOTHING! (well, except the meringue powder for frosting— who has that?!).

Swap Sweet for Savory!

Nuts, crackers, beans, chips, granola bars, and other earthy-colored savory snacks create the texture and warmth of age-old architecture. Rustic cobblestones and clunky rooftops are the perfectly imperfect finish for a cozy cottage creation.

Pretzels Please!

Pretzels come in so many fun shapes & sizes, and when they all come together they scream one thing; LOG CABIN! Pair them with some bird seed and you can mimic the look of stone columns or wood burning chimneys nestled deep in the woods.

Little Shoppe of Florals!

Every village needs a local florist. Cover your shoppe in garden green for a whimsical standout look. Use pre-made cake decorating sugar flowers and watch your shoppe bloom into something truly unique for this holiday village.

For Chocolate Lovers!

Nearly every type of candy bar is covered in chocolate. Imagine the fun you can have with the different shapes, sizes and textures! Consider making it into the village library, hotel or even the local pub!

Think Outside the House!

Villages need more than just houses, so consider using alternate materials to give our village some height & shape variation. Suggestions: Taller buildings, chapels, retail spaces, a fire house, ice skating rink, or even row house apartments (to name just a few). You can also use different building recyclable materials other than gingerbread like milk cartons or cardboard boxes!

Trees Set the Tone!

Whether you decorate them or leave them with just a dusting of snow, the trees surrounding your structure make a the holiday season sing. Here are inspirational techniques on expert tree-making.

All the Little Things!

The details MAKE the design. And let’s face it, not EVERYONE can be working on the main structure at once, so have some of your fellow TI class members work on those little added extras that make a HUGE difference.


That Holiday Glow!

Maybe it’s the village beauty parlor or the local ice cream shoppe? You can use some glitz and non-traditional colors to create a wow-factor in our holiday village. Sparkly metallics, strictly pastels, or even bold bright neons create a burst of utter glee by incorporating the use of materials such as metallic sprinkles, shiny beads, craft glitter, and metallic coated candies.

Up on the Roof Top! (and the siding)

Everything from chewing gum, sour ribbons, sprinkles, and good ‘ol Eggo waffles can be used to coat the surfaces of your roof top and/ or siding. Here are some images to get your creative ideas flowing.

Get Cozy


Daylight Savings is ending and Fall is here. Crisp mornings, leaves turning, the Holiday Season in our sights: it’s time to bundle up in chunky sweaters, pop marshmallows into our hot chocolate and embrace the cozy. Nothing says fall like a crackling fire, a comfy chair, a plush throw and a romantic movie. Summer can be full of wonderful moments and experiences, but Fall is special. Fall is all about family and comfort. Join us on our search for the coziest, toastiest, dreamiest, creamiest Fall Favorites. We are elum and we believe in sharing hazelnut lattes with friends, butternut squash as a food group, bookclubs, red wine, pinecones and kindness. We are all about the Fall! #WallOfFall

First Things First: Fire

No chimney? No problem. No fireplace? No worries. Today’s advances in coziology (the technology of coziness—yep, we made it up!) mean that we don’t need to own a log cabin or even a house to enjoy the glow of a fire. We can cozy-up an urban loft, an apartment in the city or any room in our home with an electric fireplace. These babies are plug and play. Turn down the lights, click the remote and enjoy gently rolling flames and a toasty glow. We love this infrared electric stove from Duraflame. Seriously, these guys know fire! Flames flicker, logs smolder, warmth radiates. We’d have one in every color if we could.

Second To No One: The Hot Beverage

We like a hot beverage as much—if not more—than the next person. In fact we love tea and coffee so much we’ve just introduced our very first line of ceramic mugs. We are christening them with delectable chai lattes, hot cocoa made-from-scratch and wickedly good hot toddies. We made our mugs just the way we like them: generously sized and easy on the eye! We cannot possibly comment on whether or not these words also describe our design team! Nope. Our lips are sealed. #elummugshots

Chairman Of The Board

Plush upholstery, rose-colored velvet and room enough for two: welcome to our dream chair, the perfectly named Swagamuffin. It’s made by the British company Loaf and we rate our chances of getting our hands on one as pretty low. But we’re nothing if not dreamers here at elum. We’re picturing our Adulting Mug filled with Irish coffee, a crackling fire and this chair. Yeah, baby! That’s right. We have now officially entered the Cozy Zone. Cue the music, DJ!

Let The Music Play

How do we love thee, Barry White? Let us count the ways. One, you traveled everywhere with your own forty-two piece orchestra. Two, you knew that true love is always unlimited. Three, you are still the man! Your grooves sound as good today as they did twenty years ago. If we’re sitting in a big chair getting cozy with our bae you are the number one artist on our list. #barryforever

We Want What She’s Having

Slut’s Spaghetti is Nigella Lawson’s equivalent of the Italian dish, Puttanesca (puttanesca is Italian for prostitute). It’s quick, easy-to-make and uses ingredients most of us have in our pantries: spaghetti, canned tomatoes, chili flakes and garlic. Cozy for us is one pan dishes: macaroni and cheese, chicken and dumplings, Chinese hot pot. Food that you need a bowl and spoon for. Soup, chilli, pad thai, sticky toffee pudding and custard. We’re still waiting for a chef to invent a cozy salad!

When Harry Met Sally And Emilia Met Henry

You know by now we’re card-carrying, rose-petal-strewing romantic fools, right? If there’s anything we love more than a blank page and a set of colored pencils, it’s a romantic movie. What’s not to like? Boy and girl (or girl and girl, or boy and boy) meet cute, fall in love, hit an insurmountable obstacle, break up, surmount the insurmountable obstacle, get back together and live happily ever after. We love the classics and eagerly await the new crop of rom-coms the season brings. Our Khaleesi as a Holiday Elf who falls in love with dishy doctor? You betcha we are there!

Throw Away The Key

Okay, so we have fire, hot toddies, a comfy chair and our food-in-a-bowl. The only thing left to complete our cozy kingdom is a soft and snuggly throw. I think we all know that what happens beneath the blanket stays beneath the blanket. If you want to snooze, cuddle, bundle into a one-woman cocoon or stage a two person puppet show, we ain’t talking. We just want to make sure you’re comfy, warm and color-coordinated. Lucky for us, Anthropologie has these soft, faux-fur beauties that hit the spot. Carressable clouds of cover: we are in!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our idea of cozy. What does cozy mean to you?

Halloween Runway


Pumpkins are in the building. We’re cocooning our walls in spider webs and unpacking our cauldrons. String lights shaped like bats have been strung across our corridors and random ghouls and giant spiders glower from our desks. It’s Halloween and we are ready. Our skeletons are out of the closet, and we heard that someone down in production has whipped up a potent witch’s brew! Halloween, we adore your treacherous and spooky heart! This year we thought we’d pay homage to our blog post Summer Channel Surfin’ where we picked out the best Summer shows to watch for those dreaded Game-of-Throneless days. (We all remember those sad, scary days–oh and let’s not forget about that petition that 1.7 million people signed to re-do the 8th season…) Anyways, this year we thought we’d take a look at the best costumes and costume ideas out there. Just how goofy-cute-scary-sexy can we go? Let’s find out together on our 2019 Halloween Runway Tour.


Naughty or Nice?

The classic angel/devil costume is a long time favorite for the ladies. Don’t worry guys, we’ve got you covered! Good Omens is the classic “switched at birth” tale with an unexpected twist when a fumbling order of Satanic nuns mix up a normal baby with Baby Antichrist. Aziraphale (the angel), has a classier dapper look as compared to his devilish counterpart Crowley, who could easily be mistaken by Ozzy Osbourne. So if people don’t recognize you as so, Ozzy is practically the next best thing!

Blessed Be The Fruit.

Next up, we can’t forget about The Handmaids Tale, this past season was kind of a stall, but we still love the show nonetheless. June, or shall we say Ofjoseph, is a #badass and we are rooting for her! Hopefully she finds the happy ending she is yearning for, but we won’t know until next season…As for the costume, take a look below at how the red outfits worn by the handmaids were designed for the show.

Hannah Montana Who?

In Netflix’s Black Mirror, Miley Cyrus slays it as pop princess Ashley O, bringing everything she knows about being a former Disney icon to the table. This one’s for all our festival girls out there! All you need to complete this look are those metallic booty shorts you wore to Electric Zoo, a white crop top, and to top it off, pop on a purple wig from Amazon and VOILA.

Have You Been to the Upside Down?

Last, but not least on our TV costume tour, Eleven from stranger things. This one is easy and all the items can be found in your closet…and the freezer. You can also find most items you need for Joyce and Barb right in your closet. Might have to pick up some Mom jeans to be Barb though..

And if TV isn’t your thing, we’ve got plenty of other choices for you that are always a win in our book. Whether it’s cute, scary, or funny, there’s something for everyone!

Lions and Fairies and Delivery Men, Oh My!

We cannot even. The cuteness is killing us! Our very own darling Lion King, the perfect pumpkin fairy, and the doggie in the brown and tan shirt. If dressing up toddlers and pups was a full-time job we’d be first in-line with our resumés. Trends for kids this season follow the year’s breakout movies: Lion King, Toy Story 4, Aladdin, and Spider Man: Far From Home. Get your superhero on, kids!

Hello, Gorgeous!

To use The Bachelor terminology, sometimes you just wanna spend the night in the Fantasy Suite. No questions asked. You want to feel pretty and sparkly. It’s possible you may develop the sudden need to wear thigh-highs and a hat. Whether it’s a flirty Minnine Mouse, a dashing Prince Charming or a Marie Antoninette whose skirt shrunk in the wash we stand behind your right to feel drop dead gorge. #hellapretty 

Keepin’ It Classy, San Diego

Some Halloweens you just need to go there, right? Enough of the cutesy and adorable. You just want to put it out there—whatever “It” is! Ticked off princess with hairy legs? We got you covered. Orange is the New Black kinda day? We got your back. The most excellent news anchorman of all time with the ‘tache and polyester suit to prove it? We’re Elūm and San Diego is where we’ve chosen to make our stand. If you’re considering channeling our city’s favorite fictional son, Ron Burgundy, we are in!

You’re The One That I Want

There is no other day of the year besides Halloween where it is socially acceptable to play couples dress up. For this reason alone, we say go for it! Be the pepper to his salt, the Jay Z to her Beyonce, the Catwoman to his Batman. We are adoring this Robin & Steve Scoops Ahoy duo from Stranger Things, and you can never go wrong with Beauty & The Beast (as long as you make clear early on that you’re the beauty half of this operation!). If you’re looking to kick it up a notch go old-school Sandy in skintight black hanging on the arm of the original bad boy, Danny Z.

For The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors

Halloween is the day we remember the dead and banish the evil forces that lurk in the shadows and walk the earth in the darkest hours after midnight. Let us not go gently into battle. Let us arm ourselves as Demons Nuns and Evil Clowns and that most terrifying of beings: the Zombie Prom Queen. Quick, someone fetch her sash or she is not gonna be happy. Nothing scarier than a high school hissy fit!

Sexy Beast

A little Goth never hurt anyone, right? An undead girl scout, a glow-in-the-dark skeleton, and a little red devil are just some of the naughty but nice offerings from California-cool-girl label Dolls Kill. We love their bad-girl aesthetic and their inclusive “we welcome all sizes and body types” ethos. #yougodolls

Pretty In Pink

We are crushing on pink costumes this Halloween. Pink is playful, sweet, cute and charming. It never takes itself too seriously and is always up for fun. Whether you’re a fluffy honey bun, a donut with sprinkles or Glinda the Good Witch you’ll bring a smile to everyone’s face if you’re channeling p-i-n-k.

Whether you’re trick-or-treating, monster mashing with the girls or apple dunking with the fam, we wish you a horrendously haute Halloween, full of sweet treats, headless horsemen, happy kidlets and pumpkin spice. We believe in sprinkles and dress-up, good witches and bad fairies and expressing ourselves. Any day where you can walk around the neighborhood dressed as a superhero works for us! Halloween marks the start of Holiday Season and we cannot tell you how happy this makes us.

What are your dress up plans this Halloween? We are dying to know!

A Journaling Journey

Elum Designs Vine & Dot Journal Set

Vine & Dot Journal Set

It used to be known as “keeping a diary” and I first started when I was twelve years old. My sixteen-year-old sister, Susan, wrote in her diary every night in the bedroom we shared. Susan was in high school and had waist long black hair and blue eyes and was, in her younger sister’s opinion, the most wonderful girl in the world. She had a beautiful gold-foiled diary that came with its own lock and key. I never knew what she wrote in its pages but my twelve-year-old self imagined it was about boys and adventures with her girlfriends and clothes she simply had to own by the weekend or she would die. For me, it was a pretty simple decision: if Susan was keeping a diary then I sure enough was going to keep one too.

I looked after our neighbor’s angry cat for a week to pay for it. It was pink with printed roses and although it didn’t come with a lock and key it could be fastened closed with an attached ribbon. Our Vine & Dot Journals remind me a little of it. There are no words for how you feel when you open your brand new journal for the first time. The ruled pages, the smell of crisp new paper, the possibilities that exist for your life in all that blank space. I was twelve so the first thing I did was write my name and draw stars around it (stars, cats and stick-like ballerinas represented my entire artistic skill-set back then). I recorded the date, November 2. Too young for boys and not caring very much about clothes, I wrote about my friends and school.

Got soaked walking to school. Came second in English. Kelly’s having a birthday party next Saturday and a whole bunch of girls got invites yesterday. I didn’t get one. I felt bad, but Kelly stopped by my desk this morning and gave me an envelope! The invitation is SO pretty. Kelly’s mom wrote them all by hand. Relieved. ❤️

It’s funny how writing about things transfers your emotions onto the page. It’s like magic. It can take worries and make them disappear. It can stop you repeating the same thoughts over and over again and help you sleep. Once something is written it’s recorded, there’s a hard copy, your mind can let it go.

Terrazzo Spiral Bound Journal

I kept journals through high school, eventually writing lists of boys I liked and clothes I absolutely must have in order for my teenage existence to have meaning. Looking back over them now I see, between the lines and lists and doodles, my teenage self coping with emotions. “Worried sick about the math test,” I wrote on April 16. Then, three days later, “I passed! Can’t believe I passed!” On October 31 I wrote, “Went to Halloween at Tiff’s. Didn’t know anyone. Tiff’s brother said I looked fat in my costume.” A full three weeks later I wrote, “Hung out with Tiff after the game. Her brother was there. Don’t know why I let him bother me so much last time. He’s mean to everyone.”

A 2005 study conducted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists found that, “Writing about stressful or emotional events results in improvements in both physical and psychological health.” My teenage self didn’t know it then, but by writing about Tiff’s annoying brother I was neutralizing his effect upon me.

I fell out of the habit of journaling in college. After a crushing break-up in my early twenties, I found my way back. My head was full of questions. What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? Why didn’t this person want to be with me anymore? It helped to write it down. Taking those questions from my head and asking them for real on the page was like opening a pressure valve. It gave me relief. And perspective. Write something down and you can see it more clearly. You can look at it from different angles. It becomes a story not a raging war of emotions in your head.

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal relationships concluded emphatically that writing about a heartbreak results in reduced emotional stress.

That’s some pretty powerful mojo. “Writing seems to help the brain regulate emotion,” Matthew Lieberman, a psychologist at the University of California in Los Angeles, told The Guardian. According to Dr. Lieberman it is the act of writing, by hand, that does the trick.

Turns out the pen, and its best friend paper, are a lot more powerful that we suspected. We’re all going to go through stuff in our lives. “Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating,” American short story writer O. Henry tells us. Journaling helps us put those sobs and sniffles behind us. It helps us become more emotionally robust.

We believe in journaling here at Elūm. We believe that telling your own story is empowering. Start your own journaling journey with one of our beautiful, hand-crafted journals.

Floral Lustre Exposed Bound Journal

Slate Stone 2-Pack Journals

Wild Wonderment 3-Pack Journal

Letterpress Journal Sets

Fall Look Book


We’re excited about fall here at Elūm. We’re note-takers and journallers, list-makers, planners and To Do-ers! Fall and paper go together like peanut butter and jelly, wasabi and green peas, and Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes! #siseñorita A new school year or return to the office after the summer break gives us chance for a fresh start. A crisp new notepad, a smart and stylish folio, and a dreamy journal with ruled white pages just waiting for the tip of a pen. We’re in! A notepad, a folio, and a journal are Fall Must-Haves at the office, at lunch, at the grocery store and at home. We’ve designed and created a line of mix and match essentials that work together to compliment, organize and decorate your desktop. Join us for a tour of our Fall Look Book.


Our Floral Lustre Weekly Planner helps you slay your fall schedule.

Elum Designs  |  Paper Source  | Amazon

With its charming rose gold spiral binder, its fifty-two tear-away sheets and its adorable gold stickers, this blushing beauty makes weekly planning a breeze. See you entire week in a single glance and highlight special or important dates with heart-shaped stickers that declare “Date Night” or ribbon-shape stickers that announce, “Don’t Forget.” If you need some extra pointers on how to use a planner effectively, check out this post by TreeHugger! And when you’ve done a good job who needs a teacher when you can give yourself a gold star!


Every purse needs a beautiful notepad and pen and our Take Note Fabric To Do Pad humbly applies for the job!

Paper Source

Imagine. You’re at lunch with your boss and she starts reeling off a list of clients she needs you to contact by the end of the week. You can nod vigorously while trying really hard to remember the half dozen names, or ask your boss if she wouldn’t mind repeating the list while speaking into your cell as you frantically tap the screen, trying to access the memo app. OR you can whisk out a smart and beautiful notepad, slide the elegant gold pen from its holder and serenely and professionally take notes. Problem sorted. #dropsmic


Our Take Note Leatherette Folio helps you crush your To Do list.


Paper Source

Work, school, kids, menu planning, grocery shopping. Pick up the dry cleaning, doctor’s appointment at two, hair appointment at six, happy hour with the girls on Friday—it’s Sasha’s birthday so don’t forget to bring a gift! We have a lot going on in our lives. At one glance you can see and plan your entire day. Its gorgeous watercolor exterior means its smart enough to pop in your tote and consult and update as you go about your business throughout the day.


1. Paper Source
2. Elum Designs  |  Amazon
3. Elum Designs  |  Amazon

And if you’re looking for something a little bit more portable, check out our Weekly Eats List Pad. Make meal prep a heck of a easier with these dandy on-the-go notepads!


We wind our days down with our Gray Abstract Journals.

Paper Source

It’s 9pm. The baby is asleep, your other half is chilling downstairs binge-watching Brit TV on Netflix, and you’re upstairs catching some much needed Me Time in the bedroom. Skyn Icelandic eye gel patches in place, pen in hand and journal on your lap, you tell the story of your day.

Good spin sesh at the gym, saw my old boss but didn’t get chance to speak with him. Hubs wants us to travel to his parents for Thanksgiving but I’m worried about the baby flying. I’m grateful for my family, my old boss who gave me a chance when no one else would, and the British for making the kind of smart crime shows my hubs loves.

There. Writing down your successes, worries and reasons to be grateful is an essential part of the day. It eases anxiety, clears our minds and helps us focus on what’s important in life. A beautiful journal, a blank page, a personal story unfolding day by day.


Track your schedule, your daily tasks and your meal plans on these pretty gold-brushed pages Watercolor Daily Agenda List Pad.

Paper Source

We are on the go from the moment we wake up to the moment we switch off the bedside table lamp. Some days are so full we hardly have chance to catch our breath. That’s where our list pad comes in. These tear-and-go sheets are perfect to keep on your kitchen counter or desktop. Self care is an important, but often overlooked part, of our schedule. Our list pad reminds us to take time for ourselves each day and celebrate our successes, big, medium and small.


With your fall paper needs sorted, we have one final question. “What do confetti, polka dots, poodles and llamas have in common?”Our new Stackable Mug Sets at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls!

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Also lookout for our adorable individual coffee mugs. “Hello Sunshine!” and “Adulting (when people are looking)” could be our middle names here at Elum! And if we ever need to calm down we simply repeat our office mantra, “Dancing donuts, doggies and llamas.” Works every time.

Picnic Posse


Family and friends are sitting around a picnic table on the shore of a crystal blue lake. The sun is shining. On a blanket spread atop the table is a feast of delicious finger foods: mini empanadas, thai chicken skewers, bacon-wrapped asparagus and cheddar cheese popovers. The wine is chilling in the ice, the kids are playing tag. You’re enjoying that deliciously dreamy summer pastime: the picnic. Any second soon, your golden retriever will bounce on the table and steal the kids’ hot dogs, a swarm of honey bees will make a beeline for the strawberry shortcake, a gust of wind will blow all the napkins into the lake, and out of nowhere rainclouds will appear and it will start to pour. Welcome to that fun and fearless free-for-all: the great American picnic! #outdoorlivin

Picnics are as much a part of summer as fireworks on the Fourth, damp beach towels in the back of the car, and whipped cream and apple pie. We love them so much here at Elūm we formed our very own picnic posse to share our path to picnic perfection!


That’s French for “pick a place” which is how picnics got their name. Picnics are all about location, location, location. Do you want sand and sea? Flowers, forests, or fields? Research what’s close by. Most cities have amazing parks and waterways just waiting to be explored. If you’re heading to the beach, don’t forget to bring a kickin’ beach umbrella. If you’re in a park you can usually find shade beneath the trees or under a pavilion, however sun at the beach can be relentless unless you’re packing cover. And no matter where we’re heading, we always keep it stylish and shady in a cool western-style hat.


We might not think a thousand year old mathematician has much to teach us about planning a picnic menu, but we’d be wrong. Turns out Omar Khayyam was the Martha Stewart of his day and his advice on what to pack for a picnic is still right on the money: “A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.” Omar is telling us to keep it simple. You can’t go wrong with a crusty French baguette, a selection of cheese and cured meats, fresh tomatoes and crisp white wine. Just ask @gilliehouston whose Instagram feed is loaded with simple and delicious outdoor treats. Picnics aren’t the time or place to toss salads so precut an assortment of fresh and crunchy vegetables and a pot of lemony dip. Olives, sun dried tomatoes and marinated artichokes can provide easy luxury and zing. And cherries, pears and peaches make perfectly portable desserts.


Mix and match paper plates and napkins turn picnics into parties and outdoor feasts into festivals! Lightweight, biodegradable and instagram-ready, our Sprinkle City Appetizer Plates and Bright Birthday Stripes Dinner Plates and matching napkins are picnic perfect and outdoor friendly. Check out all are outdoor and party products here. Add to the good times with a retro cooler and picnic blanket.


We put our heads together and came up with our definitive list of items you absolutely must take on your picnic.

Bug spray. You know you are going to need it—especially when is starts to grow dark.

Sunscreen. You know you’re going to need that, too—especially before it starts to go dark.

“Ice, ice, baby.” As we saw earlier with Omar Khayyam, picnic wisdom can be found in unlikely places, and this is where the rapper from Dallas really comes in to his own. Vanilla Ice knows the secret to picnic success. You can never have enough ice! #vanillapicnic

Corkscrew. Because even though the internet is bursting with clever hacks on how to open wine bottles without a corkscrew, we don’t really want to try them unless there’s a fire extinguisher and first aid kit close at hand. In fact, we might just bring our wine in a can.

A cutting board and knife. Well, this one is pretty self explanatory.

Wet wipes. Because someone is always going to spill something. You know who you are!

A trash bag for easy clean up.


We’ve eaten, we’re enjoying our wine in a can: we are ready to play! The posse knows picnics. We know that within thirty minutes of finishing a picnic, a particular brand of lazy restlessness sets in. We want to do something….just not anything too strenuous. Giant Jenga hits the spot. Or if there’s no one in the party willing to haul fifteen pounds of wooden blocks into the wilderness, then a rousing game of Uno or a very proper round of British croquet will do the trick. And last but not least, never forget that a little Old Town Road breezing from a battery powered watermelon always makes for legendary vibes! #wateryellin

That’s our posses’s idea of picnic perfection. What’s yours?

Beating the Summer Blues


We have officially entered the Dog Days of summer. Blistering hot days with no escape from the sun and sultry breezeless nights. It’s hard not to feel lethargic. Our routines go out the window, we stop exercising, and those hot humid nights make it difficult to sleep. When we’re working we have to pick up the slack for colleagues on vacay, it’s too hot to eat let alone cook, and our Facebook friends are driving us crazy with all their fun in the sun photos of the fam in Greece or Martha’s Vineyard or just about anywhere were we are not. To add to this, many of us feel uncomfortable in cutoffs and tanks and bikinis: the unofficial uniform of summer. So what’s a girl with the summer blues gotta do? We asked around our office and came up with our four best strategies for beating the Summer Blues. Watch out, summer, we are about to break you down!

1. Get enough sleep.

Long days wreak havoc with our sleep cycle. We’re exposed to more sunlight in summer which affects production of the sleep hormone melatonin, and once the temperature in our bedrooms rises above 75F many of us find it difficult to stay asleep. Because summer affects both the length and quality of our sleep it’s especially important to prioritize shut eye. Invest in some serious blackout curtains so your bedroom is as dark as possible and the first rays of dawn sunlight don’t bolt you awake with their brightness. Switch off the tech an hour before you go to sleep. Phone and tablet screens send our brains the completely wrong message at night: now ain’t the time to go to sleep! Instead sit back and chill to your favorite podcast. We love the New Yorker Fiction Podcast. World class short stories that take about forty minutes to listen to? Yeah, we’ll fall for that!

2. Banish the body image blues.

According to Physchology Today sixty percent of women and forty percent of men are unhappy with their bodies. We are bombarded with images of picture-perfect models from the moment we log on to check our email in the morning to when we’re chillin’ with Netflix last thing at night. We need to stop comparing ourselves to Photoshopped perfection and expand our notion of beauty instead. Load your Instagram feed with people who celebrate being themselves, in whatever size or shape they are. We are loving the breath of fresh air that is @bryonygordon. “My body is perfect to me because it is mine,” says Bryony, “it’s carried a baby, got me through two marathons. I won’t let anyone treat it with cruelty and disrespect.” And we worship at the altar of @MeganJayneCrabbe. “All bodies deserve to be treated with respect, because they hold human beings. That’s it. No exception.” #tellitmegan

3. Exercise.


When it’s hot outside it’s all too easy to put off exercising for another day. We don’t want to move from our office chair by the a/c vent, let alone drive to the gym or head outside for a run. It’s hard to stay motivated in summer, yet with a few simple tweaks we can keep fitness on our schedule through to fall. First, plan. Adding a workout to our calendar increases the likelihood we’ll do it as it raises our level of accountability. If we add workouts to our calendar just three days a week we create a routine. And following a routine is the number one secret to acing your fitness journey. You can also plan out your meals for the week with our weekly eats list pad! Next, let’s go easy on ourselves. Give yourself permission to spend less time in the gym this summer and more time outside.Take advantage of warm weather opportunities like swimming in the pool and chasing your kids along the beach. #funinthesun

4. Treat yourself.

We don’t all have the time or the finances to yacht around the Greek Isles or stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, but we can all take advantage of the sweet treats of summer. Ice cream sandwiches for you and the kids, a visit to your local nature preserve, a splash in a Minnidip Pool. Expectations can be high at this time of year—everyone is expected to have high profile fun—but by curating our own idea of summer we free ourselves from the bugaboo of comparing our summer to anyone else’s. So go pick strawberries, enjoy this summer’s must-read beach blockbuster in the bath, make a picnic out of boxed rosé and fried chicken, host a pool party in a pool hall, wear a burkini or a muumuu or the bare minimum required to keep you street legal. This is your summer. Plan it. Own it. Kill it!

What are your tips for beating the summer blues? Will we find you indoors or outdoors in the heat?