Anniversary Milestone GIfting Part II


Quick quiz. If you receive an emerald necklace from the hubs on your anniversary how long have you been married?

A. Fifty-five years
B. Twenty-five years
C. Fifteen years

If you answered a) Fifty-five years you are correct. However, we checked and no one here would complain if we received an emerald necklace before the half century mark! #NoWrongTimeForEmeralds. Welcome to our Anniversary Gifting Guide, Part 2. Need some ideas about what to give your bae on the big day? We are professional celebrationistas here at Elūm and we’re here to help! Read on to see how were surprising our spouses this year.


Ten Year, Tin – Congratulations on reaching your first decade as a married couple!

You guys are doing something right. You’re learning and growing together, building a family and working toward a shared vision for the future. Like a good marriage tin is stable, flexible and grows better with age. Tin is also pretty useful, but we’re not about to suggest you give your spouse a muffin tin, a cheese grater or soldering iron. Not if you want to reach year eleven, that is!  When polished, tin becomes very shiny and as Lizzo says, “If I’m shinin’, everybody gonna shine.” Shine some tin love on your partner with delicious chocolates presented in a collectible tin box, arrange a weekend stay in a classic tin-roofed cottage, and stream the hot and steamy classic Cat On A Hot Tin Roof while you listen to the rain fall. #TinSorted


Twelve, Silk – You’re into your second decade. Kids, house, career: you’ve got this! 

Silk is all about luxury. Spoil yourself for your twelfth wedding anniversary. Turn your bedroom into a boudoir with ivory silk sheets, a champagne silk robe and a heart-achingly romantic silk roadmap showing the exact location of where you first met. We are swooning over this love map. Swooning! Seriously, where did you two meet? #RoadToLove 


Thirteen, Lace – It must be the spring air around here.

How else can we account for our current obsession with naughty British lingerie? Congratulations on your thirteenth anniversary! Gifts of beautiful and intricate lace traditionally celebrate your big day. Lace is created by weaving delicate threads together over time to produce something magical. Sounds like a pretty good definition of marriage to us! Celebrate with a his-and-her gift of a risque lace corset, a batch of freshly baked and decadent lace cookies, and a week long vacay to the world’s capital of lacemaking Bruges, Belgium. #LuckyThirteen


Fifteen, Crystal – Crystals are formed under pressure over decades, often centuries.

Like a fifteen year marriage they are precious, unique, and can’t be made overnight. We’re recommending you give your wife a beautiful ocean-blue Swarovksi crystal necklace and whisk her away to the Bahamas where you can visit the exquisite Crystal Caves. And for him? A bottle of vintage Cristal Champagne of course! #NeverSaidWeCouldSpell


Twenty,  Porcelain – We admit it, we struggled with this one.

If you’ve been married twenty years we believe you deserve something better than a teacup! Then we remembered that after twenty years you’ve not just built a marriage and a family, you’ve built a home. Porcelain is all about celebrating the home you’ve made together. Bring something beautiful into it with a gilded gardenia, a rose petal vase and one of our most beloved and romantic cards, the weeping willow of hearts.


Twenty Five, Silver

If you’ve been married for twenty-five years you’ve built a lot of great memories together. Let the gift of silver be a chance to create some more. Gift yourselves with a rooftop tent and a couple of weeks with no plans or itinerary. Let the open road be your guide. Give her something exquisite where she can keep a special photo next to her heart. And give him a night he’ll never forget by dressing in intoxicating silver. #SilverFoxAllTheWay


Thirty, Pearl – Congratulations on reaching Year 30! 

Spending three amazing decades together deserves to be celebrated in style. It’s time to push out the boat with a big pearl-themed blowout!  A breathtakingly lovely pair of pearl earrings, an international bestseller to read on the plane, and two tickets to The Hague, Holland, to wine and dine in this beautiful and historic city, and see Girl With The Pearl Earring by Vermeer in person. #PearlWhirl


Forty, Fifty, Sixty, Ruby, Gold, Diamond – What can we say? You have achieved what most of us dream of in our heart of hearts: a long and successful marriage.

Congratulations! You are our heroes. You deserve to be showered in love and celebrated! A beautiful piece of jewelry is a lasting way to honor the life you’ve built together, but we’d also like to suggest you throw the mother-of-all parties too. Kids, grandkids, family, friends: everyone you love gathered in one spot, celebrating the life you and your spouse have created. A fizzy card, some fun balloons, a little bling: you know the deal. You guys wrote the book on it! #BookOfLove

If it’s your anniversary this month, congratulations to you and your spouse from our family here at Elūm. We’d love to know how you’re planning to celebrate.

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