Anniversary Milestone Gifting Guide Part I


Quick quiz. If a couple have been married for ten years do you gift them with:

A. a wood salad bowl
B. a wool blanket
C. a set of baking tins

Congratulations if you answered c, a set of baking tins! A couple’s tenth wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with gifts of tin. The wood bowl would be gifted to a couple hitting the five year mark and the wool blanket at seven years. It gets confusing pretty quickly. US couples married for eight years traditionally receive the gift of copper while British couples receive salt (here’s hoping it’s the fancy pink Himalayan kind!). It started us thinking. What should we give our spouses this year on our anniversaries? Milestones in marriage deserve to be celebrated. They represent shared laughter, shared tears, shared responsibilities and shared respect. Finances. In-laws. A new house. Kids. Marriages come with equal amounts of rewards and challenges. Honoring those challenges and celebrating those highs means a lot to us at Elūm, it’s why we created our Anniversary Gifting Guide. Read on to see what we’re gifting our spouses and loves ones on their special days this year.


One Year, Paper – You know this is our favorite anniversary, right?

It’s no secret we love paper products, celebrations and weddings. Combining all three is about as good as it gets round here! Celebrate your first wedding anniversary with a card that promises more adventures to come, a notepad that encourages you and your partner to share your dreams, and a ticket to a destination jazz festival. It’s amazing how far a humble piece of paper can take you. A picnic lunch on the lawn, a bottle of wine and Norah Jones at the piano singing love songs. We’re down with that! #ElumPaperLove 


Three Year, Leather – Hell yeah, we’re going there!

A gift for her, a gift for him, and a gift for both of you! You’ve reached the three year mark, you’re getting the hang of this married thing. You’re a team. And we all know the team that plays together stays together. Under no circumstance give your spouse a leather nut tray (yeah, it’s totally a thing) or key ring. Give them a stunning leather and coral bracelet, a luxe handmade credit card holder, and this saucy leather lingerie set from England. Nothing like a little red leather to help you reach year five!


Five Year, Wood – You can’t build a house without wood.

It’s the foundation and framework on which everything else rests. After five years of changing and growing together, of grocery shopping, cooking dinners, resolving disputes and sharing dreams you have that foundation. Spoil your spouse by planning a weekend getaway in a log cabin (built from yours truly, of course), bring cheese and wine and a personalized picnic table engraved with your wedding date, and a box of naughty jenga for those long nights in front of the fire with no TV. Yep, our minds are still there! #DontKnowWhatsGotIntoUs 


Six Year, Iron & Sugar – We love a little sugar around here!

You know we’re going to include the UK tradition along with the US tradition on this one! Without molten iron at the earth’s core our compasses would not point true North and the most precious and unique feature of our planet—its atmosphere—would cease to exist. Iron, like a six year anniversary, is a pretty big deal. And without sugar, cookies, cupcakes and the world’s best cocktails would never have happened. We need both sugar and iron to thrive. If you’ve achieved six years of marriage, you know and respect one another. You’re looking at the long game. For your sixth year anniversary take your man for a world class steak (rich in iron, of course). Whisk your wife to Paris to enjoy the best desserts in the world at Pain De Sucre (Sugar Loaf in English), or stay home and buy a cast iron skillet and make a deep-dish chocolate chip cookie. Together you are sugar and iron! #Sweet&Strong


Seven Year, Wool – Because well, who wouldn’t love a nice cashmere sweater?

Wool is one of the world’s most resilient fabrics. It’s strong, insulating, resilient and flexible. If that’s not a formula for a long marriage we don’t know what is! We love wool because it’s a renewable and cruelty-free resource. And because we adore newborn lambs.  After seven years you’re heading toward your first decade as a married couple. You’ve overcome obstacles and setbacks and stuck together through thick and thin. You deserve a hug. Give yourself a warm and fluffy one with an heirloom Pendleton blanket. Treat your sweetie to a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New Zealand (we hear they have a whole lot of sheep there), slow down, knit something, drop a few stitches. Get cozy. #NoSevenYearItchHere


Check back for our next Anniversary Gifting post where we take it all the way! We’d love to hear how you’re planning to celebrate your next anniversary with your beloved.

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