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We’re excited here at Elūm. It’s a new year and a new decade, one with the best possible name: 2020! Yep, we have officially entered the Soaring Twenties! Will we have flying cars, teleportation and a lip gloss that actually stays on all day? We don’t think so, but we’re psyched anyway! A new year is a chance for a new beginning, and we believe we can all take small steps to make the world a better place and become our best selves. Now that the New Year’s confetti has been swept away and the Champagne bottles are in the recycling, we’re ready for our New Year’s Revolution. Read on to see how we’re hash-tagging the new decade.

1. #RevolutionNotResolutions

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We are not going to beat ourselves up about breaking our New Year’s resolutions. Missed a workout? Got the old fashioned glazed donut instead of the Egg Bites at Starbucks? Blew your budget on a pair of bougie over-the-knee boots in the January sales? Don’t worry you’re in good company. Over a third of us break our New Year’s resolutions before the end of January and only 10% of us manage to keep our resolutions for an entire year. So let’s start by making 2020 the year we say no unrealistic goals.

2. #KindnessRocks

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Kindness matters. We’re pledging to be kinder this year than we were last year. We’re giving up our seats on public transport so someone else can take the weight off for a while. We’re returning our grocery carts to the return receptacle—even when it’s raining. We’re going to actively look for ways to help those around us in the office, at school and at home. We believe small acts of kindness accumulate to make a kinder world. #KindnessRocks

3. #EarthDadsAreExtra

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3. We’re going to cherish and sustain our beautiful blue planet. Every day we’re going to be mindful of our choices and the footprints they leave on the earth. We’re going to be recyclers and regifters, and water-wise, plant positive, tree-planting fools! And we pledge to think of our fathers every time we switch off a light or close a door when we leave a room. “No, we weren’t born in a barn, Dad!”

4. #LearnSomethingNew

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4. We’re going to learn something new this year. Calligraphy, guitar lessons, line dancing, coding, sign language: when 2020 ends we pledge to have something new to offer the world. We may not be plucking the guitar strings like Eric Clapton by year’s end, but if we can sign “Hello”, “How are you?” and “Thank you” in American Sign Language we can at least start a conversation. #LearnSomethingNew

5. #WomenHelpingWomen

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5. We’re embracing the mantra, “If one woman succeeds all women succeed.” We believe in women helping women at elūm. We walk the walk every day. This year we’ll be seizing every opportunity we can to encourage, support and elevate the women in our lives. In our workplace, our social circles and the charities we engage with we’ll be actively looking for ways to lend women a hand at home and around the world.

6. #StrongForThoseWeLove

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6. We’re going to take time for self care. We’re mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, artists, designers, soccer moms, head cooks and bottle washers. We have a lot on our plates and our natural inclination is to care for others at our own expense. In 2020 we pledge to carve out a couple of hours each week to care for ourselves. Arrange a mammogram, a massage, make it an early night, read a book and recharge. In 2020 we’re going to remind ourselves that in order to be strong for the people we love we need to be strong for ourselves first.

7. #SingleTasking

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7. Be present. Our lives are increasingly crazy and our attention is pulled a dozen ways. Our phones are pinging, our laptops are dinging, our To Do Lists are off the charts, and that report needs to be turned in by Friday. We tell ourselves we’re multitasking, but numerous studies have demonstrated that what we’re actually doing is hopping from task-to-task. A moment here, a few second there. Our attention is divided, and our focus and our passion is diminished. How can we give our full attention to the project we’re working on or the person we’re with while we’re checking facebook for updates? This year we’re pledging to spend less time being in two places at once and more time being in the moment.

8. #SoaringTwenties

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8. Recognize joy, embrace joy, bring it! We pledge to dance like no one’s watching in 2020, to buy waterproof mascara ‘cos we know we’re going to ugly cry, share smiles with the baristas who make our lattes every morning, laugh with our aunties about the good old days, swap dumb jokes with our nieces and nephews, bake cakes with sprinkles, sing in the shower and send cards to folk just because we can! We’ll stand ready to light up the room but will be just as happy when someone else lights it up instead. Because one way or another 2020 is going to be lit!

These are our hashtags for the new millennium. What are yours?

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