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Celebrating is our thing here at Elūm. Big birthday? We are there for you. Wedding plans? We will bring the confetti! Thanksgiving? You know we are all over Thanksgiving. From brining the turkey to setting the table, from welcoming friends and family to our homes to giving thanks for all our blessings: Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. This Thanksgiving we’re gathering our Elūm crew around the table, plying them with marshmallows and special sauce, and getting the lowdown on what’s happening on Turkey Day. What’s cooking? Will there be sprinkles? And who exactly is doing the washing up?

1. What’s Thanksgiving like around the Elūm offices?

“We do a giant potluck where everyone signs up for a Thanksgiving dish,” art director, Amy, tells us. “We line up tables in the warehouse so we can all sit together at one long table.” Senior graphic designer, Shannon, nods. “Elūm genuinely feels like a big family and our Thanksgiving potluck always feels like having a fun meal with your favorite relatives.” When we ask about how much food to expect, senior designer, Haley, quips, “Let’s just say I’ll be wearing my stretchiest pants.”


2. What are you cooking on the big day?

Pumpkin pudding cake!” declares production artist, Jael. “Apple pie,” calls out product development lead, Shelby. What can we say? We like our desserts around here! Brad, our founder, is not stopping there though. “I will be frying a turkey, baking two Bobby Flay Throwdown Pumpkin Pies with graham cracker crust and maple bourbon whipped cream, mashed potatoes and roasted veggies.” Wow. We’re giving him our Most Ambitious Chef award. Least Ambitious Chef is a three-way-tie between Ryan, our warehouse manager, graphic designer Polly, and Shannon who aren’t planning on cooking anything. Just eating!


3. What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

“Spending the morning in our pjs,” Haley tells us, “watching the Macy’s Day Parade with homemade cinnamon rolls in the oven.” Polly is looking forward to, “Watching movies all day and take our dog for a long walk around the lake.” For Ryan it’s all about, “Seeing the whole family circus together.” We can all pretty much agree on that! #elumfamilycircus


What’s your least favorite Thanksgiving dish?

The answers come thick and fast with this one. “Cranberry sauce,” Haley declares. “Why do people even make this?” Shelby agrees and adds, “Green bean casserole, sweet potato and marshmallows.” Turns out Brad is not a fan of green beans either, while Ryan has issues with sweet potatoes, but it’s Shannon who leaves us speechless by declaring, “Gravy. It creeps me out.” This means more gravy for the rest of us, right?

4. Do you have any family Thanksgiving traditions?

“We used to roast chestnuts in our fireplace when I was a kid and watch old monster movies,” Brad tells us. Haley says, “We used to always go into the open field across from Grandma’s house and play a football game.” We take a moment to remember our childhood Thanksgivings before Amy tells us her family tradition. “Every year, we all write down something we are thankful for (with no name) and put it into a dish. During dinner, we pass around the dish and everyone takes one out and reads it at some point during the dinner. You read it aloud and we all guess who wrote it. Our table is mixed with immediate family, in-laws, friends and cousins so it helps bring us together into one conversation.”

5. What happens after you’ve eaten dinner? Netflix, snooze, family squabble?

“Fall into a food coma and watch football,” Stephanie, one of our production artists, tells us. At Jael’s house it’s, “Jenga Time! Each player mentions a reason why they’re thankful after they pull their brick out from the tower.” Ryan has us laughing when he says he’s planning on heading to, “The Bar. Which usually leads to the family squabble.” We can relate to that! We leave it to Shannon to sum up the post dinner slump perfectly. “We just sit around and drink too much wine.”

6. Who does the washing up?

Brad, Shelby and Polly tell us they’ll be doing their part in the great Thanksgiving kitchen cleanup, while Jael declares, “The husband, thank God.” Shannon’s secret weapon is, “My Dad! He is a true sport when it comes to helping with clean up.” Can you send him round to our house when you’re done, Shannon?

7. Any plans for the leftovers?

“Turkey sandwiches. Duh.” While Ryan and Haley will be feasting on the classic Day After sandwich, Amy will be firing up the waffle iron. “My favorite discovery was turning the stuffing into waffles in the waffle iron. Add gravy and its delish!” We’re on board with that and also Stephanie’s plan for “honey glazed ham and lumpia.” We’ll have what she’s having. #leftoverheaven


8. What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

“Making a space at the table for everyone,” Amy tells us. “We invite anyone who doesn’t have a home for Thanksgiving and the more people that join us, the more fun we have!” Graphic designer Polly says Thanksgiving reminds her to be “Grateful and in the moment.” Brad agrees and adds it’s time, “For family, friends and reflection.” Haley sums it up by saying, “Thanksgiving is like Christmas but without the pressure and financial stress of gifts. It’s just about getting together and being with people you love.” We couldn’t agree more, Haley!

Happy Thanksgiving from our Elūm family to your family. Wishing you a day filled with laughter,
good food, family and friends. We won’t tell if you pass on the green beans!

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