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We’re excited about fall here at Elūm. We’re note-takers and journallers, list-makers, planners and To Do-ers! Fall and paper go together like peanut butter and jelly, wasabi and green peas, and Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes! #siseñorita A new school year or return to the office after the summer break gives us chance for a fresh start. A crisp new notepad, a smart and stylish folio, and a dreamy journal with ruled white pages just waiting for the tip of a pen. We’re in! A notepad, a folio, and a journal are Fall Must-Haves at the office, at lunch, at the grocery store and at home. We’ve designed and created a line of mix and match essentials that work together to compliment, organize and decorate your desktop. Join us for a tour of our Fall Look Book.


Our Floral Lustre Weekly Planner helps you slay your fall schedule.

Elum Designs  |  Paper Source  | Amazon

With its charming rose gold spiral binder, its fifty-two tear-away sheets and its adorable gold stickers, this blushing beauty makes weekly planning a breeze. See you entire week in a single glance and highlight special or important dates with heart-shaped stickers that declare “Date Night” or ribbon-shape stickers that announce, “Don’t Forget.” If you need some extra pointers on how to use a planner effectively, check out this post by TreeHugger! And when you’ve done a good job who needs a teacher when you can give yourself a gold star!


Every purse needs a beautiful notepad and pen and our Take Note Fabric To Do Pad humbly applies for the job!

Paper Source

Imagine. You’re at lunch with your boss and she starts reeling off a list of clients she needs you to contact by the end of the week. You can nod vigorously while trying really hard to remember the half dozen names, or ask your boss if she wouldn’t mind repeating the list while speaking into your cell as you frantically tap the screen, trying to access the memo app. OR you can whisk out a smart and beautiful notepad, slide the elegant gold pen from its holder and serenely and professionally take notes. Problem sorted. #dropsmic


Our Take Note Leatherette Folio helps you crush your To Do list.


Paper Source

Work, school, kids, menu planning, grocery shopping. Pick up the dry cleaning, doctor’s appointment at two, hair appointment at six, happy hour with the girls on Friday—it’s Sasha’s birthday so don’t forget to bring a gift! We have a lot going on in our lives. At one glance you can see and plan your entire day. Its gorgeous watercolor exterior means its smart enough to pop in your tote and consult and update as you go about your business throughout the day.


1. Paper Source
2. Elum Designs  |  Amazon
3. Elum Designs  |  Amazon

And if you’re looking for something a little bit more portable, check out our Weekly Eats List Pad. Make meal prep a heck of a easier with these dandy on-the-go notepads!


We wind our days down with our Gray Abstract Journals.

Paper Source

It’s 9pm. The baby is asleep, your other half is chilling downstairs binge-watching Brit TV on Netflix, and you’re upstairs catching some much needed Me Time in the bedroom. Skyn Icelandic eye gel patches in place, pen in hand and journal on your lap, you tell the story of your day.

Good spin sesh at the gym, saw my old boss but didn’t get chance to speak with him. Hubs wants us to travel to his parents for Thanksgiving but I’m worried about the baby flying. I’m grateful for my family, my old boss who gave me a chance when no one else would, and the British for making the kind of smart crime shows my hubs loves.

There. Writing down your successes, worries and reasons to be grateful is an essential part of the day. It eases anxiety, clears our minds and helps us focus on what’s important in life. A beautiful journal, a blank page, a personal story unfolding day by day.


Track your schedule, your daily tasks and your meal plans on these pretty gold-brushed pages Watercolor Daily Agenda List Pad.

Paper Source

We are on the go from the moment we wake up to the moment we switch off the bedside table lamp. Some days are so full we hardly have chance to catch our breath. That’s where our list pad comes in. These tear-and-go sheets are perfect to keep on your kitchen counter or desktop. Self care is an important, but often overlooked part, of our schedule. Our list pad reminds us to take time for ourselves each day and celebrate our successes, big, medium and small.


With your fall paper needs sorted, we have one final question. “What do confetti, polka dots, poodles and llamas have in common?”Our new Stackable Mug Sets at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls!

These charming sets will add a finishing touch of whimsy to your fall desktop and kitchen counters.

In store
at your local TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or Marshalls.

Also lookout for our adorable individual coffee mugs. “Hello Sunshine!” and “Adulting (when people are looking)” could be our middle names here at Elum! And if we ever need to calm down we simply repeat our office mantra, “Dancing donuts, doggies and llamas.” Works every time.

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