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It’s getting hot in here–let’s bring the outside in! Let’s get real, spending time at our desks in the summer can be tough. The sun’s shining, the mercury’s rising and Senorita is playing on the sound system. We want to be outside, sitting on a patio overlooking the ocean with a Margarita chilling in our hand. We don’t want to be at our desk, filling out time sheets and updating our contacts. So how do we make the most of the summer months at the office while keeping our spirits up and our creativity flowing? We say brings the outdoors inside. #outdoorsin Update your desk and office with some fly July stationary and awesome August accessories. Switch things up. A few key changes can shift your office vibe from dusty and drab to must-have summer fab. We’ve got you covered with our Summer Desk Edit. Who says we can’t have fun at work?

1. We are loving this Mami Wata infuser water bottle in rose gold.

Fill up the center chamber with strawberries, raspberries and honeydew melon, top up with water and ice. Set on your desk and enjoy cool, fruit-drenched deliciousness all day. Its peach and gold colors will add instant summer glam to your office and its healthy must-drink contents will keep your skin glowing right through to fall.

2. Our Piped Desk Folders will help you keep it all together this summer!

Filing and collating has never looked so good! Add instant summer cool to your desk with these pink, yellow and grey foil-stamped lovelies. We’ve also got a couple of other designs too!

3. Keep the summer flame alive by framing your desk photos with whimsical frames in hot juicy colors like this Dinosaur Frame from Anthropologie.

If you’re anything like us you have photos of your nearest and dearest on your desk. If your beloveds are wearing sweaters and jackets in the photo, why not switch it up for a photo of them wearing tees, shorts and swimwear instead?

4. Cherries and ice pops anyone? We are major crushing on our Delicate Cherries Iron On Patches.

They deliver instant summer satisfaction to just about any fabric surface. Your office tote: cherry it! Your work blazer? Make it pop with our multi-colored icepops. Seriously, all it takes is an iron and two minutes to make summer retro happen! #irononsummer (We’ve also got a bunch of other designs if cherries aren’t your thing!)

5. Bring some green to your office scene. Stop by your local garden center and pick up a potted plant and an adorable pot, like this one from Greenery Unlimited.

Crack open a window, set the pot on your desk and enjoy the breeze. Potted plants reduce carbon dioxide, improve air quality and help us concentrate. A study by the Royal Agricultural Institute found that students demonstrated 70% greater attentiveness in classrooms containing plants. We say grow for it!

6. Add some summer whimsy to your desk with our adorable Zebra Pasture Desk Weekly Planner.

Did you know that a zebra’s stripes actually cool them down? Air moves more quickly over the black stripes than the white stripes creating a micro breeze. We are all about the micro breeze here at Elum! And zebras. We are all about zebras. Add some summer whimsy to your desk and you just might have ze-best week ever! #zebest

7. Bring a little fairy magic into your office with this beautiful hand-blown paperweight by Glass Eye Studio in Seattle, Washington.

Dripping with morning dew, this summery toadstool is guaranteed to keep all your magical papers in place.

8. Yes you can make it to through the week with our Motivation 3-Pack Journals!

These adorable journals in peach, tangerine and jade green are the perfect antidote to the summer doldrums. Keep one in your office, one in your purse and one on your bedside table. Deploy as needed!

9. We think this Hakuna Matata mousepad is the perfect desk accessory.

9. This is the summer of The Lion King! Disney’s live action remake of its animated classic is already breaking records. Advance ticket sales are through the roof. We can’t wait to hear Beyoncé as Nala and Donald Glover as Simba. Long summer days at the office? No worries! Timon and Pumba have us covered.

10. Our Groovy Mood Sticker Sheets are a burst of instant sunshine for your soul.

Everything is more fun with one of our stickers on it. Your laptop? How about putting it in “Vacay Mode”? Your lunchbox? How about applying a little “Treat Yo Self”?Seriously, we can’t stop thinking of things to stick these hot little mamas on! #summergroove

We hope we’ve inspired you to bring the party inside this summer. We’ll sure be bringing it to our offices here in San Diego. See all of our Summer Desk collection here.

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  • Reply Arielle 9.27.2020 at 5:29 am

    I have a question regarding the labels for the file folders you have sh0wn in item two in the list above. Do you offer a template to aid in printing onto these labels? I’ve desperately searched online and haven’t had any luck finding any sort of template.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Reply Sarah Evans 9.28.2020 at 2:53 pm

      Hiya! Unfortunately we do not offer a template for printing on these labels. So sorry! 🙁

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