Halloween Preening


It’s that time of year. Days are getting shorter, leaves are falling, there’s a chill in the morning air and a chance of spotting ghosts after dark. Halloween is pumpkin spice and costumes naughty-and-nice, trick-or-treating and candy corn eating. It’s apple-bobbing and gravestones rocking in the dead of night. At Elūm we love a holiday that allows us to be someone else for a day. We get to dress up, tell spooky tales around the fire, believe in vampires and do the monster mash. We’ve put together a list of seven scary good things to wear, drink, do and decorate with this season. Let’s throw a party and have some fun!

1. Host a Seyoncé. Yes, that’s what we said: a mashup of a Girls Run The World night and a seance. With Beyoncé on the soundtrack and red wine in old fashioned crystal glasses, gather around the dining table with your girlfriends. Turn down the lights, unfold your Ouija Board, ask everyone present to put a hand on the planchette (the floaty thing), and whisper the time-honored question, “Is anybody out there?” Even if the spirits choose not to visit, you and your gal pals will still be slayin’ it with Queen B. #seyoncé

2. Bake a batch of Halloween Cupcakes. Don’t sweat how they turn out, frosting is our friend. It’s like a hat on a bad hair day: no one can be sure what’s happening beneath it. Buy orange and purple food coloring and use them. Get battered up and creative. Dots of frosting on toothpicks can become eyes on stalks, and don’t get us started on all the crazy things you can do with pretzels.

3. Speaking of pretzels, put together a fearsome Halloween Buffet. You’ll be starting with devilled eggs, of course! And you can never go wrong with finger foods. Get into the spirit of the season and embrace your inner ghoul. A simple platter of deli meat can become Long Cold In The Grave Cuts if decorated with olive eyeballs. And let’s cook a few dishes for their names alone, like British favorites Toad in the Hole, Bubble and Squeak, and Black Pudding (hint, it’s not even close to pudding or dessert). #britishfoodlove

4. Channel your inner bartender and get some bloodcurdling cocktails going. Add a splash of blueberry juice to turn this Yellow Rattler into your very own Purple Bone Rattler. Check out The Chunky Chef’s delightfully dreadful Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail, and don’t forget that old classic standby, the Zombie Apocalypse. If you want to keep it simple you can turn just about any drink—lemonade, iced tea, white wine, gin and tonic etc—into a darkly dread creation by adding a shot of pomegranate juice and garnishing with impaled cherries on Halloween cocktail sticks.

5. Embrace hair-raising decorations. Carve pumpkins, stock up on gourds, bedeck your halls and yards with string lights. Head to your nearest TJMAXX, Home Goods or Marshalls to stock up on our Halloween gift bags and plates. This is the one time of year we get to free our inner freak. There is no such thing as overdoing Halloween. If you want a demon girl on a rocking horse on your front porch, we say go for it. Though we have to admit she’s pretty darn freaky when she starts moving. #freethefreak

6. It’s getting darker earlier and we all know what that means: more time to Netflix and chill. Watch the Netflix original series The Haunting Of Hill House. It’s so scary the master of horror himself, Stephen King, called it, “Close to a work of genius.” Heat some popcorn on the stove and snuggle with your SO as you stream I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. The movie’s opening line will have you hooked: “I have heard myself say that a house with a death in it can never again be bought or sold by the living. It can only be borrowed from the ghosts that have stayed behind.” Yep, we’ll take some of that. #scarymovie

7. Dress despicably. Whether you want to be one of the headless horsemen of the apocalypse, Jessica Rabbit, Snow White or Elvis we say GO FOR IT! Goofy, punny, sexy or sweet: it’s the mix of costumes and personality that make Halloween so crazy amazing. And why stop at decorating our bodies, when we can bedazzle and customize our faces as well? Check out the mesmerizing Ida Elina, Cassy Lloyd Fox and Ah Its Rosa to see Halloween make up slam-dunked.

Most of all Halloween is a time to let loose and have fun, and our Elum crew wishes you all the devilish delights of the season. Now go dress up and be bad. #baddressup

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