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Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a designer at Elūm? Do we really spend our days drinking unicorn smoothies while drawing unicorns (as it happens sometimes we actually do!). What does a typical day look like in our offices here in San Diego? Where do we get out ideas from? And what exactly is in our refrigerator? If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Elūm this is your chance to find out. We’ve gathered our boss design team, hyped them up with espresso and Italian wedding cookies (no one’s getting married we just love the sprinkles), turned on the spotlight and asked the tough questions.

When did you know you wanted to work in design?

“Basically, as long as I can remember,” says Sarah E our Brand Content and Marketing Director. “Art class was my favorite, sort of my way of relaxing and escaping from the craziness of everyday life.” Senior Designer Samantha K tells us high school was the time when she realized “art could become my career so I took as many art classes as I could fit into my schedule.” Shelby H our Creative Program Manager also felt the pull of design as a young child. “I would get up early in the morning before anyone else and sit and draw by myself for hours before school.”

What’s a typical day like working at Elūm? Can you take us through your routine?

“Every day is so different and exciting and full of surprises, literally,” says our Executive Creative Director, Kristi C. “Typically about 3pm we get a package of new product samples we have designed. It is so exciting to see all of our unique designs come to life everyday!” Olga G, one of our graphic designers, agrees there is no such thing as a typical day at Elūm. “Sometimes it’s crazy busy like jumping from one thing to another and other times you have the luxury of working on one thing for several days.” Sarah tells us her days consist of “photographing new products, editing, posting to social media and updating the website. Keeping it fresh and relevant.” And leave it to our Pre-Press Technician Tim P to sum up an Elūm day perfectly. “It’s like walking on a memory foam beach covered in potpourri air fresheners.” We couldn’t agree more, Tim! #elūmfresh

What inspires you as a designer?

“Literally almost anything if I am in the creative frame of mind,” Kristi says. “I was driving home in traffic from Elūm recently and started obsessing over car parts such as the hub caps on trucks and how I could make them functional. There are so many pattern and color inspirations in everyday life, you just have to be looking.” Sarah agrees. “Life in general. Exploring. Sometimes you go somewhere and one little thing can spark an idea.”

How do you know when a design is finished?

“When adding anything is too much and taking away something destroys the harmony,” declares Olga. We all agree she’s summed it up perfectly. Kristi adds a final insight, “When you stop fussing over it.”

Can you tell us a little about what you’re currently working on?

“Elum is developing Candles for the home and other products that will expand into home and tabletop,” Shelby tells us. “Candles and ceramics and soft goods,” Kristi chimes in, excitedly. “We’re creating whole new product categories!” Meanwhile designers Samantha and Olga are working on Christmas and Holiday 2019. In August! While Tim has appointed himself Beats Boss and is “making sure no garbage music is playing and we are keeping it as funky as possible in the office.” #feelthefunk

What’s the best part of working at Elūm?

“Our Staff, it is like a family,” says Kristi. Sarah agrees. “My coworkers are the best, everyone is super duper nice and supportive. Not to mention all the fun activities we get to do and events we get to go to!” Philip R, Production & Supply Planning Coordinator, tells us, “I enjoy seeing new products come to life. From the inspiration stage to the final produced products.” Tim, as usual, has his own take on things. “Being able to wear shorts and eat donuts.”

If we were to take a peek inside the Elūm lunch room what would we see?

“Empty wine bottles and beer cans!” someone shouts from the back. “Unicorns,” yells Tim. Olga keeps a straight face as she deadpans, “Every single person eating salad.” Kristi has a different take on our lunch room. “Whenever I peek my head in, there is laughter and discussions about personal lives, upcoming vacations and weekend shenanigans.” We are all about shenanigans at Elūm! #elūmshenanigans

Can you share your favorite piece you’ve worked on at Elūm?

“Hmmm, that’s a hard one,” says Olga. “I think my favorites are the regional cards and art prints.” Samantha agrees it’s a difficult question. “I have so many favorites but I really love the ice cream plate and cone napkin set, It’s a simple design but super cute!” Kristi has her own story to tell. “When I first started at Elūm I once designed a tiny print invitation that landed on their marketing materials for the masses as a best seller.”

That’s what we love about working for Elūm: we never know where our designs will take us. A mantlepiece, wedding place settings, your desk, your mailbox. Your life.


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