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Green is the color of tropical vacations, rain forests, relaxation and the She Hulk. Green can be playful, laid-back and welcoming, but like most of us isn’t above showing her inner green-eyed monster now and then. Kermit the Frog says, “It’s not easy being green.” We hear him, but green sure is pretty to look at. Enter a room painted green and it’s like a trip to your favorite spa. Soothing and refreshing, green creates a haven to contemplate, recharge and create. #serenegreen. We love green so much at Elum we’ve made a list of our top six seriously serene shades of green.

 1. Pistachio We have a major girl crush on this gorgeous yellow-based green. We incorporated it into our Modern Desk Collection for Papyrus not just because we love it but because of its Art Deco cred. We heard that pistachios are known in Iran as the “smiling nut”. Maybe that’s why we can’t stop smiling at these adorbs baby kicks in pistachio by DC, and sigh in sheer delight at the thought of rides down to the lake on this swoon-worthy Benno bike.

2. Evergreen It’s the only color that tells you up front it’s never going out of style. Both Duchess Catherine and Duchess Meghan have the color in heavy rotation for their public appearances. In fact Meghan looks so fine in this evergreen number we want to steal her entire look, blazer, chain-handle purse, Prince Charming and all! We chose evergreen for our Royal Azure Big Stack Notepad and our celebratory Success Star Greeting Card. And we’re dying to wear this evergreen pussy bow blouse in fall.

3. Celadon A barely-there whisper of gray-green, celadon is neutral’s more glamorous friend. #glamneutral. This highly sought after shade is valued for its delicate luminescence and its similarity to jade. Plus who doesn’t love a color whose name rhymes with telethon? We chose it for our Command Post Plot Journal and as one of the featured colors in our Luna Collection. We love how well celadon plays with all the other colors in the box.

4. Turquoise Is it blue? Is it green? Like you, we’re not entirely sure but we love it all the same. Our Dreamy Stars Washi Tapes are 100% pure happy making and we can’t think of a better way of saying “Thank You” than with our Swatches Thank You Notes. Ancient Egyptians believed turquoise brought good luck. We like the sound of that so much we’re considering bedecking ourselves in head-to-toe turquoise and putting some money on the horses! #luckyturquoise. Anthropolgie has a sweet collection of turquoise jewelry that we’re almost certain will bring us luck.

5. Emerald One of the earth’s most precious gemstones, the official color of Ireland, the Wizard of Oz, the fiercely amazing Horsehead Nebula and va-va-voom dresses, emerald green brings glamour and mystery to every event it attends. We can’t get enough of this sexy, hyper-saturated hue. Our Monstera Leaves Spiral Bound Notebook gets its special kick of color from emerald green, and our Jungle Spirit Letterpress Journal Set is just that much more dazzling because of it. According to ancient folklore, emeralds are a truth potion. Anyone touching one is compelled to tell the truth—so be careful what you write in those journals!

6. Mint Cool as a cucumber and twice as refreshing, mint is the official color of late summer. It knows how to keep its cool. Mint is named after the beautiful river nymph Minthe who Hades, god of the underworld, fell in love with. Unfortunately for Minthe, Hades was already married at the time and his wife was not happy about this. She threw Minthe instant shade, turning her into the fragrant herb we use in mojitos and mint juleps to this day. Mint’s amazing ability to refresh us comes from the menthol found in its essential oil. Maybe that’s why our Ledger Colorblock Journals for Anthropologie feel as light and airy as an August breeze!

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