Fall Look Book: Cashmere and Rosé


People love Fall for so many reasons: the leaves turn colors, pumpkin spice is back, there’s finally a reprieve from the heat. Those are all great reasons to love the season but our very favorite thing about Fall is hands-down new Fall fashion. This year we’ve curated our three favorite looks for autumn and how to incorporate stationery as a chic personal accessory.

First up, a look we’re lovingly calling Cashmere and Rosé. This Fall trend is a perfect balance of deep gray, on-trend millennial pink and shiny rose gold. The deep gray and rose gold create a textural depth and the hint of the warmth you crave from Fall trends while the millennial pink is an unexpected and playful pop of color. Check out our lookbook mood board below to get inspired by this fashion-forward trend. (You can see all the image credit and links below the image).

Elum Fall Look Book: Cashmere and Rose

Pictured Above (left to right, top to bottom)

1.) Ted Baker Pink Quartz Premium Bal Point Pen, 2.) Elum Rose Gold & Clear Push Pins, 3.) WandP Design, Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker, Copper (image from Urban Outfitters), 4.) Cluse La Boheme Rose Gold / White / Pink Watch, 5.) Elum Rose Gold Binder Clips, 6.) Sunglasses Collection, 7.) Las Salinas Suede Clutch – Ibiza Sunset, 8.) Champagne Mini Notes, 9.) Salty Blue Jewelry Rose Gold Verticle Bar Necklace, 10.) Pink Sunglasses, 11.) Beautiful Things Pouch, 12.) John Lewis Rose Gold Tidy Desk, 13.) Mirror (Photo by Brevity), 14.) Dot Grid Clutch, 15.) Cotton Candy Big Stack Notepad, 16.) Pink Adidas Shoes (Photo by Andy Csinger)


Be sure to check back to see all our other Fall lookbooks or get more Millennial Pink inspiration in our “Color Crush” blog post.

Do you have a favorite item that would fit into our fall trend? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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