Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day Cards


Cupid is currently sharpening his arrow in preparation for Valentine’s Day, but here at Elum, we know that Cupid’s arrow comes in many forms (it also misses its target sometimes). So whether you’ll be spending the holiday-of-love with your one and only or a big group of your besties, we’ve got some fun, non-traditional Valentine’s Day cards for just about everyone.

Elum Designs, Celebrate a non-traditional Valentine's Day. Just skip the subtleties.

A sense of humor is one of the sexiest traits to have in a Valentine. This year, instead of an obvious sentiment that tugs at the heart-strings, go for the funny bone. It’s hot. (Left) Bow Chicka,  (Right) Make Out

Elum Designs - Greeting Cards, GC717&716

Our letterpress (Left) Wingtips  and (Right) Hers&Hers

Elum Designs - Greeting Cards, CS101, GC741&GC735

Do you loathe Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone.  But you can bring a reluctant smile to any V-Day hater with this letterpress cross stitch masterpiece. They’ll never see it coming. And they’ll kinda love you for it. (Left) Step Off

Got a crush on someone at the office? Or just wanna tell somebody that you like them, (like, a lot)?  We’ve got just the right Valentine for your crush so they’ll get the hint in just the right way. (Left) Weird

What better way to make your gal pal feel extra super special? Give her an unexpected friendship Valentine that reinforces
how awesome a friend she is. We all grew up handing out Valentines in grade school,  so why do we stop when we grow up?
Keep the love alive people.  (Right) Galactic


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