Our Favorite Designs of 2014


2014 was such an incredibly awesome year for us here at Elum. We beefed up our shop with three new letterpress machines, added six new employees to our team, and started foil stamping everything we could get our hands on. On top of all that growth, we checked some boxes off our designer bucket list by launching our Same Sex Greeting Card Collection and designing invitations to impress awe-inspiring designers like Tom Ford International and Nate Berkus. We’re not worthy. . . (ok, maybe we are)!


Favorite Letterpress Projects

[typography font=”Montserrat” size=”16″ size_format=”px” color=”#8d8580″]ART DIRECTOR AMY’S PICKS:[/typography]

In looking back on 2014, I have two favorites. The first was a custom B’not Mitzvah invitation we worked on with our lovely custom dealer, Elyse Fuerth at E.A.F. Fine Papers. Her clients came in, two young girls with a sense of high fashion style wanting something to wow their guests. The final invite included a shimmery gold peek-a-boo pocket that revealed just their names. Upon opening, a chic monogram, created just for the twins and hand-dusted in our fine Tahitian gold pixie dust filled the page. Accompanied by hot pink edge painting, gold foil-stamping, hot pink letterpress and a shimmery gold backer, this was a true stand-out piece.


Art Directors favorite letterpress projects

The second project that was near and dear to me was on the other end of the spectrum of what we do here at Elum. It was our line of Father’s Day cards made exclusively for Papyrus/Clinton’s in the UK. The cards explored all of the relationships we have with fathers and had just the right balance of the funny dad-humor and the sweet sentimental stuff. Each card was paired with incredible art by our talented group of designers here.

favorite letterpress projects

[typography font=”Montserrat” size=”16″ size_format=”px” color=”#8d8580″]ELUM FOUNDER MELISSA’S PICKS:[/typography]

When I found out that Elum had been selected to design the wedding invitation for Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, I had to pinch myself. I mean, this invitation project was monumental in its importance. And not only because it was the very first gay marriage to take place at the New York Public Library, but because as a tween, I used to race home from school on the days Nate was going to be featured on Oprah so I could gather around the TV with my mom and sisters. Nate was, and still is, a design hero to me personally. Over the years his design ingenuity, creative influence, and impeccable taste level has been an inspiration. So, needless to say, this is a project I called home about. It was an honor of a lifetime.

DESIGNER'S favorite letterpress project

[typography font=”Montserrat” size=”16″ size_format=”px” color=”#8d8580″]APRIL’S PICKS:[/typography]

Our new letterpress  Galactic card combines two of my all-time favorite things: clever, witty messaging and hand drawn lettering. With an awesome message from Melissa and Amy as a starting point, we pulled together some celestial inspiration (including some crazy galaxy leggings!) and decided to go with a casual hand drawn feel. After seeing the card printed in its interstellar color palette, it’s definitely my favorite greeting card I’ve worked on this year.

designer shannon's favorite letterpress project

[typography font=”Montserrat” size=”16″ size_format=”px” color=”#8d8580″]SHANNON’S PICKS:[/typography]

My favorite letterpress card has to be the Bacon & Eggs card, for so many reasons. Besides the fact that I loved spending my work day drawing bacon & eggs in a romantic setting, I really love the concept behind this card (props to April for this one)! It’s subtle yet hilarious, and manages to be romantic without being nauseating.

The Bacon & Eggs card is a great example of what I love about our creative team at Elum; we take sentiments that could feel cliché and find new ways to express them that feel honest and that will (hopefully) resonate with our customers. This was one of the first cards I worked on at Elum, and it was a great collaborative experience.


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