Last Minute, Easy, DIY Punk Rocker Halloween Costume


With Halloween only a few days away, I wanted to share this super easy, inexpensive, DIY Punk Rock Halloween Costume that my daughter Uma and I created last year. Check out the transformation . . .

Punk Costume Before After

While walking the PUNK: Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last year, my art-loving daughter and I studied every exciting detail. Some of the earliest works featured were crafted from basic household items; newspaper, tape, bubble wrap, old sweaters, safety pins, and more. We both walked away feeling incredibly inspired and couldn’t wait to start creating new looks upon returning to San Diego. This DIY Punk Rocker Halloween Costume was our first project and we had a blast making it together. [box]AND [highlight]HERE’S HOW[/highlight] WE PUT IT ALL TOGETHER[/box] Punk Costume DiagramTHE SHREDDED PUNK LOOK

To get this look, first cut the front graphic off an old sweatshirt and then safety pin it back together in a more form fitting fashion Cut slashes down the arms and do the same to an old pair of leggings or tights. The first cut may be daunting, but seriously you cannot mess this up–the messier the better. Then take an old pair of shorts, or pajama pants hacked into shorts, pick up a roll or two of decorative duct tape that’s all the rage and start taping like crazy.

[highlight]TIP:[/highlight] Put the safety pins in while the costume in on for best results and make sure to put the shorts on before applying the first basic layer of tape, otherwise the taping can cause the shorts to shrink and you won’t be able to put them on again.


No Punk Rock costume is complete without a Faux Mohawk. Just cut the top off of dad’s old socks and then make a series of sock buns down the center of the head. Then, spray with hair colorant and voila.

[highlight]TIP: [/highlight]Tinted hair spray is an awesome alternative to the well-known egg whites that, albeit effective, are just downright stinky.


punk rock tats close upA full sleeve of (fake) tats is a must to complete this look. Simply use the store bought temporary tattoos strategically placed, or plain ‘ol Sharpie markers. You can go to town and get creative drawing skulls, roses, and a few “I love Mom” hearts.

[highlight]TIP:[/highlight] Use rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or hand sanitizer to get the “ink” off the skin at the end of the night.


You’ll want to finish off the look with some chains, dog collars, and the typical hardcore accouterments. We used old costume jewelry, belts, and yes, dog collars. They can be tacked on with a simple safety pin, just about anywhere.

  • Silver and/or gold chains (try raiding grandma’s old costume jewelry, or see if mom hung onto any 80’s chain belts)
  • Black or neon mesh gloves (Party City has these!)
  • A spiky dog collar
  • Black eyeliner and black lipstick (though you can line lips with black liner too)
  • Blue, black or purple eye shadow in any bold geometric shape

This year we’re working on a young Maleficent—we’ll let you know how it goes. [box]WHAT’S [highlight]YOUR FAVORITE[/highlight] EASY, HOMEMADE COSTUME IDEA?[/box]

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